Scepter of Cleo – Queen of Egypt in a video slot!

Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt is a rather mysterious figure in ancient history. Her life was shrouded in mystery, but like most ancient rulers, she had a scepter that was a sign of her power and status. Very few people knew that the scepter represented her kingdom. The new video slot Scepter of Cleo comes from the game manufacturer Oryx. You have an opportunity to acquire ownership of this scepter and take home the long-lost treasure of ancient Egypt.

This video slot has five reels and nine paylines. The beautiful Cleopatra and her precious scepter give this slot a special glow. As the great Egyptian ruler, she has the power to award some of the greatest winnings, however, the scepter can also unlock the online free spin option.

Scepter of Cleo online free spins bring multiplier!
Although Cleopatra can dazzle you with her beauty, what will grow on you are the online free spins. To unlock this feature, all you need to do is get three or more scatter symbols per reel. When you activate this feature you will get twelve online free spins and a two times multiplier! You can increase the number of online free spins in the same way.

There is no limit to the number of free spins you can unlock. During the online free spin option, you will receive a special symbol that will represent the wild during this function. If you get Cleopatra as a symbol during this function, it will bring you big winnings!

specter of cleo
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Scepter of Cleo

The highest-paying symbol is Cleopatra herself. Then follows the eye of Horus, sphinxes and pyramids. The medium-paying one is the scepter and will offer you a decent reward. Whilst, the lowest-paying symbols are the classic card symbols with different values.

The slot looks like it was found by archaeologists searching for Cleopatra’s tomb! Ancient hieroglyphs adorn the surroundings of the video slot. Even the card symbols have been transformed to better fit the theme. Although the graphics are quite simple, the winning combinations have a small game animation. For example, when you make a winning combination with a scepter, it turns towards you and bites!

History is not a very interesting topic for a certain number of people, however, if you bring beautiful women into history itself, the interest grows. With her mental and physical abilities, Cleopatra secured her eternal position in history.

With the unlimited possibility of free spins, you have the opportunity to reach the ancient Egyptian treasure! Welcome to Egypt! Meet the famous Egyptian queen – Cleopatra!

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