Sizzling Moon – from Respin bonus to jackpot

We present you with a great online casino game that is characterized by top design. You will have the opportunity to play an unusual slot that is rare. To make matters better, a maximum payout of 2,500 times the bet awaits you.

Sizzling Moon is a new video slot presented to us by the game manufacturer Wazdan. You will enjoy great bonuses, of which five jackpots stand out. The Wilds are here to complete your winning combinations.

sizzling moon

If you want to know more about this game, we suggest you read the rest of the text, which follows an overview of the Sizzling Moon slot. We have divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic characteristics
  • Sizzling Moon slot symbols
  • Bonus games and jackpots
  • Graphics and sound effects

Basic characteristics

Sizzling Moon is a video slot that has four columns arranged in four rows. We can’t talk about classic paylines. To make any winnings, a minimum of eight matching symbols must appear on the columns.

The biggest gains come when 16 matching symbols appear on the columns.

You can connect the symbols anywhere, it is not necessary for the winning combination to start from left to right.

Multiple winnings can be achieved if two groups with eight identical symbols appear on the columns.

Just below the column is a menu where you can adjust the value of bets per spin. You choose the amount of the stakes by clicking on one of the offered digits or with the help of the plus and minus keys.

An Autoplay feature is available that you can activate at any time. You can set up to 1,000 spins through this function.

The game has three levels of volatility represented by hot peppers. Your only task is to choose the one you want.

The game also suits all types of players because it has three levels of spin speed, which are represented by a turtle, a rabbit and a horse.

Sizzling Moon slot symbols

When we talk about the symbols of this game, you will see the famous card symbols in it: 10, J, Q, K and A.

Unlike most video slots, they bring in decent payouts. The maximum payout that the Q symbol brings you is 15 while K brings 20 times more than the stakes for the 16 symbols on the columns.

A, of course, it stands out as the most valuable card symbol. 16 of these symbols on the columns will bring you 30 times more than the stakes.

The golden star is the next symbol in terms of payout value and brings a lot of powerful payouts. If 16 of these symbols appear on the columns, you will win 50 times more than the stakes.

The Lucky 7 symbol is the most insulting symbol of the game. If 16 of these symbols appear on the columns, you will win 150 times more than the stakes.

The Wild symbol is represented by the glowing Wild logo. It changes all the symbols, except the bonus symbols, and helps them create winning combinations.


Bonus games and jackpots

Bonus symbols are represented by glowing balls. Six or more of these symbols on the columns activate the Hold the Jackpot Bonus.

Sticky bonus symbols that appear with a certain number on them also appear on the columns. That number can go up to nine and indicates the number of spins that will keep that symbol on the columns.

During this bonus game, only bonus symbols remain on the columns. You get three respins to drop another bonus symbol on the columns. If you succeed in that, the number of respins is reset to three.

Hold the Jackpot Bonus feature lasts or until you fill all the positions on the columns with bonus symbols. Another way to end is when you don’t drop any bonus symbols in three respins.

The bonus symbol has monetary values ​​on it that are collected and paid out at the end of this bonus game.

Mini, Small, or Large Jackpot symbols may also appear.

A mysterious symbol can also appear that can be turned into any bonus symbol except the moon symbol.

respin 1

The Moon Mystery symbol can be converted to all symbols including the Moon symbol.

You win the grand jackpot when you fill in all 16 symbols on the columns.

When the Moon symbol appears on the columns, you win the Moon jackpot on the Moon Mystery symbol.

The jackpot values ​​are as follows:

  • The mini jackpot brings 20 times more than the stakes
  • The small jackpot brings 50 times more than the stakes
  • The big jackpot brings 150 times more than the stakes
  • The grand jackpot brings 1,000 times more than the stakes
  • The moon jackpot brings 2,500 times more than the stakes

There are also two ways to gamble. In one you guess the color of the diamond to be drawn while in the other you guess the color of the next card drawn from the deck.

kocka 7

Graphics and sound effects

The columns of the Sizzling Moon slot are placed on a crater over which clouds rise. Mysterious music is present all the time.

The game’s graphics are superb and the symbols are displayed down to the smallest detail.

Sizzling Moon – a slot that brings 2,500 times more!


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