Sparkling Fresh – great fun in a classic slot

In front of us is another classic casino slot, which this time comes from the manufacturer of online casino games Endorphina. Sparkling Fresh is a cheerful, colorful casino slot, with unsurpassed fruits, which will take you to great winnings. This is a game without bonus features and games, made for fans of simple but cost-effective games, which offers a lot of fun. Winnings are won in the main game, and a shortcut to even better winnings is offered by the Gambling bonus option. Find out more about the classic Sparkling Fresh slot below, and you’re ready to try it out at your favorite online casino.

The online casino slot Sparkling Fresh comes to us in an interesting edition, with a shiny pink background, on which water bubbles stand out. The game is accompanied by a cheerful musical record, which gains in dynamics and tempo in the formation of winning combinations, and celebrates every win with you. The slot has five columns in three rows, which are not limited, and the symbols seem to levitate in the air, which contributes to the fun look.

Exclusive bonuses are in the classic Sparkling Fresh slot – pick them up!

On the game board of this slot, we notice one group of symbols, with symbols of different appearance, payout potential and functions. There are, of course, fruits: green apple, orange, lemon, raspberry, plum and watermelon. The first four fruits will pay you 40 times more than the stakes for the same five on the payline, and the plum and watermelon 100 times more than the stakes for the same five. In addition to fruits, from the symbol of the Sparkling Fresh slot, we also find Lucky 7, also an unavoidable symbol of classic slots, which provides a payout 1,000 times higher than the stakes for five of a kind.

Sparkling Fresh
Sparkling Fresh slot layout

All these symbols should be arranged in combinations of 3-5 of them, from left to right in columns, in order to provide a gain. Such combinations should then be on one of the five paylines in order for the winnings to be secured. Paylines are fixed, which means that you cannot change their number, and if more winnings are found on one payline, only the most valuable one is paid. Simultaneous winnings on multiple paylines are enabled.

The last symbol that we will present to you is special in the video slots, because it triggers bonus games. It is a scatter symbol, with which the situation is somewhat different in the Sparkling Fresh slot, considering that it is a classic slot. So, there are no bonus games or functions, but the scatter, represented by a star with a blue circle, will definitely provide convenience compared to other symbols.

Sparkling Fresh
A gain with scatter symbol

The gold star is a payment symbol, which provides payouts for the same 3-5, but anywhere on the game board, regardless of the paylines. Thus, the star, when you collect three of the same, will bring a payout twice as large as the stakes, for four symbols it will bring 10 times bigger payout, and for five of the same symbols, it will provide a payout 50 times as large as the stakes.

Increasing the value of online casino winnings offers to gamble

The Sparkling Fresh video slot also has an option to increase the value of the winnings, known as a Gamble feature or Gambling. This is an option you can run after any winning spin in the base game, when you press the Gamble key instead of the Spin key. In addition, this option will be open to you if you do not play using Autoplay mode, which automatically runs spins a certain number of times.

When you enter the gambling option, you will find four hidden and one revealed card in front of you, and it is up to you to hit one of the four cards that has a higher value than the detected card. If you succeed in this guess, the value of your winnings will be doubled, and you can continue gambling. If you choose a smaller card, you lose the winnings made by the spin that started the gambling and return to the basic game. You can stop the gambling game at any time by pressing the Take Win button.

Sparkling Fresh
Gambling feature

Sparkling Fresh is another classic slot, which restores the shine of fruits and brings you bonuses. This is a standard slot, without a lot of surprises, but a lot of fun, which comes through great graphics, cheerful music and decent payouts. Spin the fruit, pick up the bonuses in the basic game, then double their value with the gambling bonus, and enjoy spinning.

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