Spinball – a casino game for pinball and bonus fans!

From the prominent casino game provider, Tom Horn comes a unique Spinball video slot! The uniqueness of the game is reflected in the fact that it is combined with a pinball machine. Great payout options and bonus features of free spins with the Ejector function, will delight all fans of slots and pinball machines at the same time.


Spinball is a game that does not have the usual reels and lines that most slot games have. The developers wanted to do something different and they found inspiration in the arcade game. This unique game features Bouncers, Left Ramp Booster and Free Spins Path options. Although the slot is combined with a pinball machine, the impression is that you are playing a pinball machine.

Spinball – a combination of video slot and pinball!

Placing bets in this unique casino game is quite simple. Players are required to choose a bet for the entire game area with no connection to lines or individual winning combinations. Simply click on the Bet button to open a new menu with different values.

Spinball, Online Casino Bonus
Spinball, Online Casino Bonus

The Spinball game relies on several types of features. The Bouncers function will ensure that players score big shots at every turn. The next feature is the Left Ramp Booster, which brings big profits when it starts.

It is interesting that this great casino game also has the Free Spins function. Throw the ball well and you will be rewarded with 5 bonus free spins. A small complaint is that during the round of free spins, is no additional free spins can be won.

Play pinball and win valuable bonuses on a unique casino game!

In terms of winnings, in this game, it is possible to get a payout up to 1,440 times the stakes. You cannot form individual winning combinations, only places where the ball can hit. The game is beautifully designed and pinball is something that everyone misses.

Spinball, Online Casino Bonus.
Online Casino Bonus

The inspiration for this game comes from the old Pinball game which has been turned into a modern and exciting Spinball story. The graphics are sharp and clear. You start the game with the Spin button to throw the ball into the pinball machine. The soundtrack matches the theme of this casino game.

The slot volatility is low which gives more frequent gains. Theoretically, RTP (return to player percentage) is 96%. The game also has a demo version, so you can try it out before investing real money.

The online casino game Spinball is unique without any reels and lines and yet has great payout power. For all fans of pinball games, this will be a real pleasure. The developers of the Tom Horn studio did a great job combining a classic video slot and a pinball machine. Incredible excitement and action for all types of casino players.

The game is available on all devices, both on the desktop, on the tablet and mobile phone. Wherever you are, you can enjoy this unique casino game with a pinball theme.

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