Sticky Bandits: Wild Return – the return of a powerful Wild

Remember the western video slot of Sticky Wilds? Some of you have certainly tried it, for some it may have become a favorite online casino game. This time we get the sequel to this game, with even better special features. The game called Sticky Bandits: Wild Return arrives to the general delight of western fans. It is enhanced with additional bonus and special features. Another part of the popular game of the famous game manufacturer QuickSpin. Read what it is about below.

 wild return

Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, Online Casino Bonus

When you start the game, you will be delighted with the introduction. One of the bandits will open the salon door and then you will see the interior of the salon and the people inside. When that happens, the game can officially begin. Sticky Bandits: Wild Return has five reels in four rows and 40 paylines. You will need to match three symbols to make winning combination, which is paid out from left to right, starting from first reel on the left.

The game has a Turbo Mode option where you can speed up the game. There is also an Autoplay function that you can activate anytime.

 wild return

Sticky Bandits: Wild Return slot symbols

The lowest value symbols are the classic card symbols J, Q, K, and A. These symbols are divided into two groups, so that J and Q are worth less than the symbols K and A.

Other symbols include the famous Cuban cigars and a bottle of whiskey, which are the medium value symbols. Five of these symbols on the payline bring twice as much as your stake per spin. At the very end are three bandits. An old man with a mustache, a long-haired bandit and a woman. The woman is the most valuable symbol amongst the regular symbols, and she brings ten times more than the stakes for the five symbols on the payline.

All three bandits are giant symbols and appear in 2 × 2 and 3 × 3 shapes. If they are hit by a lucky shot during a round of free spins, they turn into sticky Wilds.

Quick Slot Bonus can bring you 500 times more!

Also, one classic slot can appear on the fifth reel as a symbol, which activates the Quick Slot Bonus. You will get one to three spins in this function. When you pull the lever you just need to arrange as many of the same symbols as possible. The lucky seven symbols pay the most and will bring you 500 times more money than your bet!

 wild return

Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, Quick spin, Online Casino Bonus

A skeleton head with a cowboy hat is the Scatter symbol of this game, which is also the only symbol that pays wherever it is on the reels. Three Scatters will bring you seven free spins. During this round, if one of the bandits appears on the reels, there is a chance that they will turn into sticky Wilds. With each spin in this round, one lucky shot will be fired. He turns the lucky shot of the band into sticky Wilds, while he turns regular symbols into ordinary Wilds.

wild return

Free Spins, Online Casino Bonus, Sticky Bandits: Wild Return


Sticky wildcards only appear during free spins

Sticky Wilds appear exclusively during the round of free spins. They change all symbols except Scatter symbols. The regular Wild also appears in the basic game. Both have the same paying power. Five wildcards on the payline bring you 10 times more than the stakes.

The slot has enchanting graphics and the so called traditional cowboy bar, where a large number of cowboys and bandits can be seen inside. Everything id shown down to the smallest detail! The game also has a western background music to make you stay focused.

Sticky Bandits: Wild Return – the return of the Wild in style!

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