Super Duper Cherry – cherries hide a bonus feature!

We present you another cute online slot with fruit symbols. Fruit trees have always been in fashion, and it seems that they will never go out of fashion. All fans of online casino games have tried games with cute fruit symbols at least once. This slot that we will present to you also hides a few special functions, but about them later. Super Duper Cherry is coming from the game manufacturer Gamomat!

Super Duper Cherry, Online Casino Bonus, Gamomat
Super Duper Cherry

Super Duper Cherry is a classic slot that has 20 active paylines, five reels in three rows. More precisely, you can choose whether you want to play this game on five, 10 or all 20 paylines. If you want to get acquainted with this game you can reduce the number of paylines. If you still like big wins, our recommendation is to inevitably play on all 20 paylines.

If you make multiple winnings on one payline, you will be paid the highest value win. The sum of winnings is possible if it is realized on a larger number of payment lines. Three matching symbols on the payline are the minimum to make some winnings. The cherry symbol is the only exception to this rule and the cherry will offer you a payout for both symbols in a row.

By clicking on the Maxbet button you will place the highest possible bet per spin, and by clicking on the Auto button you will activate the autoplay function of the game.

Super Duper Cherry slot symbols

As with most slots, the cherry is a symbol of least value. The four cherry symbols on the payline will bring you 2.5 times the amount of your bet. But, the cherry is the central figure of the game here and brings one special function. Read more about this feature at the end of the text.

Orange and lemon are the next symbols in terms of payout. These five payline symbols will bring you 10 times more money than you invested. Grapes and watermelons are symbols of even greater value. Five of these symbols on the payline bring in 25 times more money than you invested.

Lucky 7 brings 250 times more!

The two symbols with the highest payout value are the gold bell and the red lucky 7 symbol. If you combine five gold bells on the payline you win 50 times more than the stakes. Still, the main star and symbol of the greatest paying power, lucky 7, brings much more. If you combine these five symbols in a winning streak you win 250 times more than the stakes! Great, isn’t it?

The cherry symbol triggers the bonus function of the Super Duper Cherry slot

And now we will return to the cherry symbol. You have noticed that we have not stated how much the five cherry symbols bring. We didn’t do it on purpose. Why? Because the five cherry symbols on the payline activate a special function! If five cherries appear on the payline, the cherries are transformed, and turn into one of the symbols of higher payout value! If you are lucky, they can also turn into a lucky 7 symbol and bring you great rewards.

Super Duper Cherry, Online Casino Bonus, Bonus Function
Bonus function

Start the gambling function

Super Duper Cherry also has a gambling function, not one but two.

The first one is a classic, and all you need to do to double your winnings is to guess which colors will be the next card drawn from the deck, black or red.

Another function of gambling is ladder gambling. You will see the light bar move from higher to lower digit on the ladder. It’s yours just to stop it while it’s at a higher figure.

Gambling, Online Casino Bonus, Super Duper Cherry
Gambling with ladders

Also in this game you can choose to keep half of the winnings and gamble the other half.

The music is quite soothing and expect slightly stronger sound effects when winning. The graphics of the game are great. The symbols are shown down to the smallest detail, and the reels are placed on a red background!

Super Duper Cherry – cherries that bring happiness!

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