Surf Zone – surfing to the top casino bonuses!

Are you ready to surf? Get ready for an irresistible adventure with the Surf Zone video slot, which comes from the casino game manufacturer Evoplay. Pelican Liam, seagull Clint, parrot Jess and penguin Anaru take you surfing, bringing multipliers and bonus free spins, which can bring you great casino earnings.

The sun has risen the sky is clear, the sea is waiting for you, bring a surfboard and let the game start with an extraordinary video slot!

In the Surf Zone video slot, you will meet 4 main characters who surf and cute animals that will appear twice stacked on the columns of the slot. The setting of the game is on five columns in four rows with 25 paylines, with a multitude of exclusive bonuses.

Surf Zone
Surf Zone

In this slot, you get a chance for small and medium winnings, up to 693 times bigger than your stake. Exciting features such as double wild symbols, surfer multipliers and free spins will make your attention at a high level in anticipation of good payouts.

Immerse yourself in the Surf Zone slot inspired by surfing from the Evoplay provider!

The graphics are flawless, which is expected from the Evoplay provider, which has already become famous for that. There are also top-notch animations and beautifully designed cartoon-style symbols. The game is of a newer generation, so you can play it on all devices, both on the desktop, and on the tablet and mobile phone.

At the bottom of the slot is a control panel with all the necessary options for the game. You place the desired bet on the Bet +/- button and start the game with a round button in the middle, which represents Start. If you want the columns of the slot to start on their own, all you have to do is hold down the Start button for a long time, and you will switch to automatic play.

Surf Zone
Online Casino Bonus

At the bottom left of the slot, look at the Info option, where you have all the necessary details about the rules of the game and the values ​​of the symbols. In the lower right corner, you can adjust the volume and see other adjustment options.

When you enter the game next to the column of slots, you will see the ocean and the waves, everything seems pretty real, where the waves make foam as they reach the sandy beach. On the right and left are palm trees and surfboards.

While playing the Surf Zone slot, you will find that random multipliers are applied to the winnings of surfer symbols. The gain is between x2 and x5, where the exact value for the current spin is determined before the columns begin to rotate. Only in combinations with card symbols, which have a lower value, there is no multiplier.

The wild symbol in the slot is a gold trophy, and it can change other symbols, thus helping better payout potentials. It can also form its own winning combinations.

Enjoy the bonus free spins of the Surf Zone slot!

The nice thing is that the Surf Zone slot also has a bonus round of free spins, which does not run in the usual way. Instead, you need to get the wild symbol on column three, along with the four surfer symbols that appear in double size. This way you will be rewarded with 10 bonus free spins.

During the bonus free spins, the wild symbol will appear in double size on the third column. When you get a double wild symbol with a surfer symbol during free spins, the multiplier will increase by one.

Surf Zone
Surf Zone

As for the multipliers, it should be noted that there are special ones for the free spin regime. Personal multipliers are used for each of the 4 main signs and symbols. To increase the multipliers, you need to have winnings with these symbols, and in this way you can increase the multiplier up to 11 times more than your stake.

Enjoy surfing with the Surf Zone video slot with flawless graphics and animation, with great bonus options, and have crazy fun.

It is recommended that you try the game for free, in a demo version at your chosen online casino, and see for yourself its magic while preparing a surfboard. If you like the sea and slots inspired by it, see our article Top 5 sea-themed slots.




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