Happiest Christmas Tree conveys the New Year’s spirit!

Habanero gives you the opportunity to experience New Year’s euphoria any day of the year! If you crave snow and the sun is over your head, the Happiest Christmas Tree video slot brings New Year’s fun to your homes. In addition to the bonus game that can provide you with 15 free spins, this video slot also has a special bonus feature that will help winnings fall like snowflakes from the sky!

The Happiest Christmas Tree video slot brings a New Year’s spirit

The gentle graphics of the Happiest Christmas Tree video slot will make you want the New Year’s atmosphere and listen loudly to the song of the same name by Net King Kola, after which the slot was probably named. The background, which is placed in a dead end covered with snow that is preparing to welcome Christmas, will contribute to the atmosphere.

Happiest Christmas Tree
Happiest Christmas Tree slot symbols

And the symbols that appear on the five reels in three rows are made in the same spirit. We have decorations for the Christmas tree that come in several forms, but also toy soldiers, honey and the Christmas tree. These symbols have different values, and can increase your bet up to 125 times.

The Christmas tree slot is also a joy in the online casino because it has two functions!

The Christmas tree symbol is a special symbol because it has two functions. Namely, he appears as a wild and as a scatter symbol. As a wild, this symbol replaces all regular symbols and builds winning combinations with them. It is important that the winning combinations are within 40 paylines and that the symbols that make it up are arranged from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left. Also, only the highest winnings per line are paid out if there are multiple winnings on one. And, if you make winnings on multiple paylines, you will be paid all the biggest payouts per line.

Another function of the Christmas tree symbol is to open the Free Spins bonus game. Once you collect three or more Christmas tree symbols anywhere on the reels, you will win 15 free spins! It is important to note that it is not possible to win additional free spins during the bonus game.

In addition, when lower-paid symbols make a winning combination within the bonus game, they will no longer appear on the reels, leaving more room for more valuable symbols!

Prize The pot function draws the best from the lower value symbol!

The Happiest Christmas Tree video slot also has one bonus feature. It is a Prize Pot function that focuses on lower value symbols. Here’s what it’s about. Above the game board are special warehouses reserved for these symbols. Each time at least three of the same symbols make a winning combination, they will fill one of these warehouses. This will end by activating the Prize Pot function.

Happiest Christmas Tree
Online Casino Bonus

12 wreaths will appear on the screen and it will be up to you to discover the three same symbols that are hidden under these wreaths. Within this function, you can win 500, 1,000, 2,500 or 10,000 more than the value of the coin and the amount of the stake!

Happiest Christmas Tree
Prize Pot

So, on five reels in three rows, you have the opportunity to open the bonus game and the bonus function that are in charge of your New Year’s winnings. You know very well that they are not under the Christmas tree, but in the Happiest Christmas Tree slot in your favorite online casino!