The smallest casino in the world

Although online casinos are already well established in the casino market, it would be worthwhile to turn a little to the founders of this industry, peek into their chambers and find out where people bet all this. Somewhere they are still betting today and some casinos have remained closed forever, while behind them are only anecdotes that can be told by those who visited them. We are leaving the largest casinos in the world for another occasion and now we turn to the smallest casinos in the world. Find out what these casinos look like, where they are located and whether they exist today in our today’s article.

The smallest casino in the world – English taxi casino

With the first story, we are moving to the streets of London, believe it or not, there is the smallest casino in the world. Changing its route from second to second, this is perhaps the strangest place for a casino – on the wheels of a taxi is The Grosvenor Casino. This is a fully equipped casino with a gaming table, a dealer, a bar and a TV that broadcasts sporting events.

The smallest casino in the world - The Grosvenor Casino
The smallest casino in the world – The Grosvenor Casino

This car can also change its purpose and return to its main activity – taxiing and take passengers/players to the real casino after the game or wherever they want, in exchange for a donation. It is not certain if this taxi still exists but if the road ever leads you to England and you like a good time that includes gambling, look for this casino.

Sailing the Mandovi River at the luxurious The Deltin Caravela Casino

From England, we are moving to the Mandovi River in India, where a luxury yacht equipped with the best service you can wish for in this part of the world is sailing. Even when we add the casino to that … that’s right, The Deltin Caravela casino is located on the water and is accessible to visitors, providing a great gaming experience with a view of the Mandovi River. This exotic boat contains eight fully equipped suites in shades of mahogany and gold and is the perfect solution if you have a slightly deeper pocket, love luxury and enjoy casino games.

The smallest casino in the world - The Deltin Caravela
The smallest casino in the world – The Deltin Caravela

It is said that this casino has 17 gaming tables with more than 10 types of casino games, among which are blackjack, American roulette, baccarat and variations of poker. If this was not enough, the guests of this boat are offered a spa to relax after a hard day in the casino and a restaurant that serves a variety of oriental, continental and Indian delicacies.

Underground Casino The North Cadbury Villas

Our search for the smallest casinos in the world stops again in England, in a somewhat cramped casino – hence in our article The smallest casinos in the world. Unlike the luxury yacht, which is a slightly larger area, this casino can accommodate only 30 people and is located in the basement.

The smallest casino in the world The The North Cadbury Casinocasino in the world - The Deltin Caravela
The smallest casino in the worldThe North Cadbury Casino

It is not an ordinary cellar, as it may seem at first glance but this is a fully-equipped cellar of a four-century-old villa, in which royal treatment was obtained. As very few people can fit inside, it is mostly rented to people who come together precisely because of betting. Casino The North Cadbury Villas offers its dealers, specializing in a variety of table games and poker and is suitable for anyone who enjoys authentic experiences.

Boeing 777 as an intriguing flying casino

As we had a mobile casino – on water and land, and we also had one underground, it is time to present one that floats in the air. The French company Air Jet Designs has designed its version of the aircraft, for now only as a draft, adapted for comfortable and carefree travel, with the addition of a comfortable casino. Named Casino Jet Lounge, this flying casino is designed in the style of the ’60s and ’70s and provides a great time capsule for an escape from the 21st century.

The smallest casino in the world - Casino Jet Lounge
The smallest casino in the world – Casino Jet Lounge

The interior is made of natural materials, such as white stone, bamboo and white leather, all to relax the passengers. This is a great idea, considering that some people never suffer from a “disease” called “flying”. There is also an interactive bar, holographic screens and comfortable seats from which we conclude that this would probably be one of the most expensive but also the most pleasant flights. This idea has not yet been fully realized and we will follow whether it will.

Santa Ysabel – a former slot paradise

Our today’s article The smallest casinos in the world ends with the former Santa Ysabel Casino, located in San Diego on the border with Mexico. Reportedly, when it opened in 2007, this casino was located in a room the size of a single room, so it was as much as 30 times smaller than the smallest casino in Las Vegas (Slots-A-Fun Casino). It owned nearly 350 slot machines and six poker and blackjack gaming tables. The fate of this small casino was sealed with bankruptcy due to growing debts and lawsuits, so it was officially closed in 2014.

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