Titan Dice – a great combination of roulette and related games!

Do you like Jabajamba and roulette? Game maker Expanse has put together these two and made the perfect game for you – Titan Dice. Expanse took the guessing fields from the roulette, and two dice – red and black from the related games. The game is quite simple and interesting.

How the game works

All you have to do is roll two dice and guess the sum of the numbers they will land on.

With Titan Dice, you can win up to 35 times more!
You can bet on the total sum of two dice from 2 to 12. According to statistics, the highest chances are that the sum of both dice will be seven, so, the odds are the lowest – 5.83. Odds on a total of six or eight are a total of 7. If you bet that the total of two dice is five or nine the odds are 8.75. Odds on a total of four or 10 are 11.67, a sum of three or 11 will give you odds of 17.50. The highest odds will be provided by combinations that are at least 2 or 12 according to stats. But it is really worth trying, the odds are great – 35!

Also, you can bet that the total will be higher or less than 7, the odds are equal on both bets – 2.33.

titan dice
Titan Dice

Another specific bet of Titan Dice is that you can bet on intervals between two and four numbers. If you like a safer bet, you might want to try this type of bet.

In addition to these types of bets, there is another type of bet that offers you a chance to bet on which number each individual dice will land – black or red! The individual odds on each number of the separate dice are equal, 5.83. In this type of option, you can also bet on the intervals between two and between four numbers.

You can adjust the stakes from 10 to 2,000 dinars per hand. You also have a field labeled x2 that serves as a bet duplicator. It is important to note that you can place roles on one or more numbers at a time.

The RTP (return to player percentage) of this game varies between 97% and 97.33%.

The game features a background sound effect of a dice spinning when you play your hand.

Fans of roulette, this is the right game for you. Roll the dice, have fun and guess the perfect combination!

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