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Batman is a fictional character from comics and was first published in “Detective Comics” back in 1939, and the story of Batman is experiencing great popularity, and soon a separate series of comics about this superhero is launched. After that, dozens of film, television, animated and radio adaptations of this comic were shot. In recent times, casino game makers are reviving the character of Batman in video slots and with this article, we present you the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman.

Batman has changed throughout history and three ages in character development can be distinguished: the Golden Age, the Silver Age and the Modern Age. Batman’s powers are an ingenious level of intelligence, great detective skills, perfect physical fitness, excellent martial arts skills and high-tech equipment. In the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman, we will look at how this superhero uses his powers and how you can have fun but also earn while playing these action slots.

Enjoy the Top 5 Slots inspired by Batman!

The first video slot we present in the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman is Batman Begins based on the film of the same name from 2005, and it comes to the world of online casinos thanks to the casino game provider Playtech. The setting of this slot is on five columns in three rows and 20 paylines and the goal is to save Gotham from the League of Shadows while spinning at five famous locations and each location offers exclusive bonuses.

Top 5 slots inspired by Batman
Batman Begins

Batman Begins is a progressive jackpot slot with three wild symbols and special and extended wild symbols appear. The game shows five phases and in each phase, you will see two meters above the columns and a focus on the middle row of the third column. When you fill the meter, you will be transferred to the phase corresponding to that meter. Each phase is an exclusive bonus and has its unique wild symbol, so you will encounter Flower Wild, Petrol Wild, Batmobile Wild, Bat-signal Wild and Microwave Wild symbols. By going through the stages with the help of valuable wild symbols, you can achieve great casino winnings and you should not ignore the fact that you can win one of the four jackpots at any time.

Batman-inspired slots are full of exclusive bonus games!

Another video slot that we will present to you in the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman is Batman and The Joker Jewels, where you will see a showdown between Batman and the Joker on five columns and 25 paylines. There are two wildcards in this slot, one with the Batman logo and the other with the Joker smile which can randomly deliver several wildcard symbols to the columns of the slot, when it appears on the side of the column.

Top 5 slots inspired by Batman
Batman and The Joker Jewels

The Batman and The Joker Jewels slot also has a round of free spin bonuses, which when you activate, you can choose Batman or Joker. During this game, the Joker is represented by a character who is Batman on one half and the Joker on the other. Whenever he appears on the columns, there is a struggle. If the character you have chosen wins the battle, you get multipliers, and each subsequent victory in a duel brings an increasing multiplier. And this slot is the work of the Playtech provider and it also comes with progressive jackpots, which you can win during any spin.

Another slot belongs to the series of superhero slots and that is Batman and Cat woman Cash, which is part of the DC Superheroes Jackpot network, which means that it has a bonus game in which you can win one of four jackpots.

This is a slot with regular and large symbols, a Cat Burglar bonus game in which scatter symbols are transformed into a Pick me symbol that hides random cash prizes or multipliers that will reflect on the winnings in the bonus game. The slot also has a bonus free spins with a special complex symbol, which will appear in rows thus contributing to better payouts. Collect diamonds in this game for cash prizes or multipliers, which can help you in the bonus game, and enjoy the adventure with Batman.

Win progressive jackpots in the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman!

The fourth slot that we will present in the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman is Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, which follows the story of two superheroes and brings a lot of excitement but also exclusive bonuses. Here, the function of moving the wild symbol in the basic game is used and two types of bonus free spins are waiting for you.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is a progressive jackpot slot on five columns and 25 paylines, and the plot is based on the 2016 film, which together presented Batman and Superman. You have a total of five wildcards here, a significant bonus feature is moving the wildcard in the base game.

Top 5 slots inspired by Batman - Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice
Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

When travelling wild symbols collide, they trigger a bonus round or Battle bonus in which you choose your hero to fight. The slot also has bonus free spins, which run when the “Doomsday” symbol lands stacked on the middle column. During this bonus round, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are bored with “Judgment Day”, which brings winnings in the slot.

Follow the adventures of superheroes in the Top 5 casino slots inspired by Batman!

For the end of this review of the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman, we will present you the video slot Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza, which has 16 active playing fields which implies a specific set of rows. This video slot has bonus respins with sticky symbols, bonus free spins and four progressive jackpots. The setting of this online casino game is on five columns and 60 paylines.

Top 5 slots inspired by Batman - Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza
Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza

The Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza slot has a specific column layout and the first two columns contain only two rows. When you fill the first two columns with at least two of the same symbols, you run 5 Batgirl Locked Respins, where all the symbols in the first two columns lock and become sticky and the other columns rotate, forming new combinations with the locked symbols.

When you start the bonus game in the Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza slot, the first two columns merge, forming one huge 2 × 2 symbol, which further affects the other columns of the slot. You will have up to 25 free spins to lower the winnings that will come more often, precisely because of this symbol. As part of the DC Superheroes Jackpot series, this slot can bring you one of four jackpots.

Enjoy the Top 5 slots inspired by Batman, have fun with the adventures of this superhero and win casino winnings, thanks to exclusive bonuses and progressive jackpots.

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