Tree of Light – a slot of amazing casino winnings!

Embark on a journey into the magical forest with the Tree of Light slot, created by casino game maker Evoplay, with a host of exclusive bonuses. This online casino game takes you through a magical forest world with powerful wild symbols, multipliers and bonus free spins. In addition, random bonuses, launch symbols, and Magic Patterns are all waiting for you, all packed in top graphics.

Tree of Light
Tree of Light

The theme of the Tree of Light slot takes place in a magical forest, reminiscent of a fairy tale. Transparent columns allow an unobstructed view of the starry sky and lush trees that sway gently in the breeze.

Step into the magical forest of the Tree of Light slot filled with exclusive bonuses!

Next to the slot’s column is a fearless mouse, which has a strange symbol painted on its head and a mystical book on a shoulder strap, while a blue insect flutters around it. All this adds to the unusualness of the slot, and the colorful creatures on the columns and the gentle soundtrack introduce you to the magic of the game.

The Tree of Light video slot shows an immersed world that hints at a larger story that stretches far beyond the game, an impression that gets even stronger when you press the Spin button and the mouse runs to the new screen as part of its quest allowing you additional insights into the forest.

Tree of Light
Bonus free spins

This slot has a satisfactory RTP of 96.10%, while the volatility is at a high level, so you can expect gains that are not as frequent as with low or medium volatility slots, but when a gain occurs you can expect a fairly large amount.

If you are ready to step into the magic forest, where a cute mouse runs and rewards, get acquainted with the control panel at the bottom of the slot, which contains all the necessary options for the game. You place the desired bet on the Bet +/- button and start the game on the round arrow in the middle. You have the option of Turbo mode, but also automatic playback of the game.

The symbols that will greet you on the transparent columns of the Tree of Light slot are divided into two groups, as highly paid symbols represented by the symbol of a lizard, a bull, a cat, and an owl. On the other hand, the symbols of lower value are shown in the form of red, green, purple, and blue runes.

Win random bonuses and free spins in the Tree of Light slot!

The online casino game Tree of Light is full of bonus games and random bonus events. One of the random bonus events is activated when a question mark appears next to a running mouse. Then the two low-paid symbols will be converted into wild symbols, for a better payout combination.

In addition, there are scroll symbols. What does it mean? One scroll symbol can randomly reach your column and give you 7 free spin bonuses.

Tree of Light
Online Casino Bonus

The Tree of Light video slot also features a Magic Patterns bonus that represents areas that have specific shapes and that will cover the columns of the slot. In this game, your goal is to complete the patterns by getting winning combinations in all the positions covered by the pattern. Once you do this you have the option to access additional bonus free spins.

When you complete the first form, a new one will be formed. By completing the initial form you get 5 more free spins bonuses, while the second form adds 3 more free spins. You cannot have more than 15 free spins in total, but if you complete the third form before the feature expires, you will receive an additional bonus game.

Each of these patterns offers its own additional bonus features as it goes through each phase, such as column synchronization and wild symbol transformations.

Tree of Light
Tree of Light

After all, when you get to the end you can move on to the bonus game. In the bonus game of the “Tree of Light” slot, you get the opportunity to choose between three fruits. Depending on which fruit you choose you get multipliers ranging from x2 to x4. This value will also increase any winnings made during free spins.

The Tree of Light slot provides superb graphics and animations, unique features and interesting action, and you can play it on all devices. Also, the game has a demo version, so it is recommended that you try it for free at your chosen online casino and get acquainted with the game, before investing real money.

The Tree of Light video slot is fantastically designed, and the main character moves during the game, adding to the excitement. The multitude of bonuses in this online casino slot will keep players’ attention at a high level in anticipation of winning.



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