Twisted Turbine – an industrial-themed slot!

Twisted Turbine is an industrial-themed slot that comes from a collaboration between Fantasma Games and a Relax provider. In this online casino game, fill the gauges with fire or electric symbols to win cash prizes or activate a bonus game that leads to a multiplier. The slot also features bonus free spins with multipliers that can bring you impressive earnings.

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The Twisted Turbine casino slot is played on an unusual 5-column machine set in a 5x3x1x3x5 formation. There are 225 ways to win, and the winning combination requires you to have 3 or more matching symbols on adjacent columns.

Twisted Turbine

The RTP of this online casino game is 96.51%, which is above the average. The volatility of the game is high, and the maximum payout is 9,518 times higher than the stakes.

The theme shows a giant hangar full of machines and instruments. The design of the game is great and the pictures are pretty simple. The music recording is in techno style, and there is also an option to mute the soundtrack.

The Twisted Turbine slot comes with an unusual theme and lots of bonuses!

The slot columns are placed inside the turbine. There you will find red fire symbols and blue electric symbols all related to the engineering theme.

The most lucrative symbols are blue and red robots, and there is also a wild symbol that changes other symbols.

On the right side of the slot is the control panel with all the necessary game keys. Adjust the size of the stakes you want to play, then press the Start button.

It is also recommended to look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game and the values ​​of each symbol separately. You enter this position on three horizontal lines on the right side of the game.

An Autoplay button is also available above the Start button and allows the game to play automatically. You can select up to 100 auto spins this way.

twisted 2 2

As we said the game Twisted Turbine is a bit unusual and requires a little getting used to. Famous elements like avalanche columns are placed, but it gives them a twist. This can lead to multipliers and free spins in the game.

The already known characteristic of an avalanche occurs when a winning combination is formed. Then the successful symbols are removed and new symbols come in their place and replace them. This feature is called Avalanche.

You will notice a pair of fire and electric turbine robots sitting at the top and bottom of the columns. Each has a meter. When you have a winning made up of fire symbols, one position per meter of the fiery robot will be filled. The same goes for the electric robot when you win with the electric symbols.

Known as the Turbine Robot Credit Win feature, you will win a reward equal to x1 of your total stake each time you fill two parts of the robot meter in one series of avalanches.

twisted 3 3

The Twisted Turbine function is a place where things are a little different. Namely, fill the meter of the robot at the bottom of the screen and the columns rotate 180 degrees.

Then the avalanches continue normally. More importantly, each rotation within one set of avalanches brings into play a growing multiplier.

The Twisted Turbine slot also features a free spins bonus round that is activated with 3 or 4 bonus symbols appearing at the same time.

You will be rewarded with 10 or 15 free spins, and the Turbine Robot feature is in play during free spins.

Also, there is an active function in which there is an increase in multipliers, which are higher than in the basic game. Bonus free spins can be won again during the bonus round if you have 3 or 4 bonus symbols.

As you can conclude from this review, the Twisted Turbine slot is a bit of an unusual game, but with a lot of bonuses that can take you to wealth.

Play the Twisted Turbine slot at your chosen online casino and win.


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