Venetia – pick up the bonuses of the Queen of the Adriatic channel!

Let us guide and take you on a tour of the once most important market town between the West and the East, let’s set off for Venice! The famous Queen of the Adriatic, the Bride of the Sea, served as an inspiration to the online casino game provider GameArt to make a Venetia slot. This is a slot in which you can expect nice bonuses that you will achieve through the basic game, but also through the bonus game and the famous gambling. Continue reading this text to get acquainted with the characteristics of the Venetia slot.

Meet the symbols of the Venetia slot

The slot is placed on the Grand Canal, which is the main road of the city and is characterized by a mild color. The game board is an elegant red color, which gives the whole slot a very pleasant look and makes the symbols on the board stand out. That, however, is not so difficult, considering that they are made to shine.

Starting with a richly decorated silver mask, the slot is adorned with splendor. There are also symbols of doves, a golden lion with wings, a girl with a mask and street lamps, and these are more valuable symbols of this slot. The lower value symbols are represented by the classic card symbols in the form of numbers 9 and 10 and the letters J, Q, K and A.

Venetia slot layout

The mask is a wild that doubles the value of the winnings

The mask, which we have already mentioned, is a wild symbol of the Venetia slot, and it will replace all the regular symbols on the board. In addition to replacing symbols, this symbol will double the value of the winnings when participating in the winning combination! Combinations need to be arranged from left to right in columns, starting from the first column. In addition, it is necessary to sort them by paylines, which this video slot has 20. These are fixed lines, which means that you cannot change their number, but you play all 20 all the time.

The wild doubles the value of the winnings

15 free spins during which the winnings are worth three times more!

The rule of sorting combinations by paylines does not apply to only one symbol. It is a scatter symbol that is presented in the form of a boat on which two lovers cruise the canals of Venice. In order for this symbol to reach its full potential in the basic game, you need to collect at least three of the same. Watch out now, anywhere on paylines and anywhere on the game board! Once you collect three, four or five of these symbols, you will receive 15 free spins.

Three scatter symbols

You start the bonus game with 15 free spins, but this number can also increase if you re-collect at least three scatter symbols. And that’s not all, when you find yourself in a bonus game, each winning combination will be tripled!

Increase the value of winnings by gambling

If you like to increase your winnings, and there is no player who does not like it, gambling is also available. It is done through the Gamble option and can be turned on or off in the control panel. If you choose to turn it on, this option will be offered to you after each winning spin. When you click the Gamble button, you will be taken to another screen that will contain one map facing you. All you have to do is guess what colors that card is. If you succeed, you will double your winnings! Gambling is available five times in a row and is not available if Autoplay mode is on.

Gambling feature

The Queen of the Adriatic is waiting for you to sail through her canals and enjoy the charms of a great video slot. Meet 20 paylines with a wild and gambling that double your winnings, but also a bonus game in which all winnings are worth three times more! Find the Venetia video slot in the online casino of your choice and travel, at least virtually, to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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