We single out live casino games

It can be said that the appearance of live casino games or Live Dealer, greatly influenced the further development of casino games. The fact that they have made gambling more accessible because since then you can enjoy your games wherever you are, speaks enough in favour of the popularity of live casinos. Add to that other benefits they provide to players such as enjoyable play without aggressive players, socializing with the croupier and other players via chat. The impossibility of “setting up” the game because everything happens live is certainly another segment that attracts players but also a wide range of bets and options tailored to the player.

Live casino games – gambling anytime and anywhere

Although many when talking about the shortcomings of live casino games, refer to the fact that the range of available games is small it seems that every player can find something for themselves. When we compare them with RNG games for those games that work using random number generator mechanisms, the offer is certainly more modest but there are other aspects in which Live Dealer games have an advantage and in the introduction, we have mentioned only a few.

It is rare to find a serious casino player who plays only one type of game, usually two or more games. The pair usually includes blackjack and poker or roulette and the wheel of fortune … mostly, the offer expands to baccarat and various games with dice and drums for drawing numbers. The providers are imaginative, so now and then they come out for some new and interesting live casino game.

With this article, we will introduce you to several live casino games and maybe make you switch from RNG games to Live Dealer from time to time.

Casino Hold’em

We start the live presentation of casino games with the most popular card game – poker. It is a version of the provider Evolution Gaming and the game is Casino Hold’em. This is a standard five-card poker game played against a casino. So, the goal is to beat the croupier by getting the best possible hand of five dealt cards. The specificity of this game lies in the fact that bonus bets can be placed, in addition to the standard ones, it pays out for a pair of aces or more than a pair in the first pair of cards.

Casino Hold'em - Live Casin
Casino Hold’em – Live Casino

Infinite Blackjack

From the ranks of blackjack games, we single out Infinite Blackjack, also a provider of Evolution Gaming which has long ago confirmed its status on the live casino platform. The goal is to win over the croupier with a total of 21 cards or as close as possible to that number. This edition also has a special Six Card Charlie rule, which guarantees a win if the hand has six cards even if the dealer has a blackjack. In addition to the standard stakes, this version also offers secondary stakes starting with Any Pair, which allows betting on any number, e.g. dama hertz and dama Karo, or any colour or two ladies and two aces.

This is followed by a bet on 21 + 3, which allows you to win if the first two cards with the croupier make up any of the winning combinations, e.g. trilling in the same sign. There is also Hot 3. A hot triple, which allows betting with the first three cards, and the biggest pay-out is a 7-7-7 goal. In the end, the bet on Bust it involves betting that the total value of the croupier’s cards will exceed 21, and there are several combinations.

Casino-Infinite blackjack
Infinite blackjack

Lightning Roulette

There is also roulette, Lightning Roulette, which raised dust at the online casino when it appeared and continues to maintain its popularity even further. This is an extended roulette game with increased payouts and an attractive specific interface that includes lightning. This roulette comes with multipliers which are selected in each round and range from 50 to 500 times. The principle is as follows, a random number generator throws out several numbers that will have multipliers in that round and throw out the values ​​of the multipliers that apply to the roles of the players who bet on those numbers. As for the stakes, they remain standard, there are “in the head” bets, split, thirds, sixths… But also betting on reels, tens, red/black.

Casino-Lighting Roulette
Lighting Roulette

Deal or No Deal

We end the article with a review of the characteristic game Deal or No Deal, inspired by the famous game that includes 16 briefcases and the goal is to predict whether the amount of money in the last bag will be higher than the bankers’ offer. It starts with the qualification which includes a wheel with three rings and segments with a gold colour, which must match at the top of the wheel. The main game consists of uncovering bags that no longer participate in the game. The banker opens the bags in order and offers the Take or Leave options, until the last round in which he chooses between two bags where the player is also offered the option Swap bags. The game is quite fun and arouses adrenaline in the players, it also provides the atmosphere of the show program because of the host who comments on the game.

Casino-Deal or No Deal
Deal or No Deal

We can further comment on the advantages of Live Dealer games, highlight their advantages and disadvantages and compare them with RNG games but it will be best to visit some online casino and start with the games we have presented to you. This way you will have your own experience in live casino games and it will be easier to decide.



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