Wild Wishes – Aladdin’s magic lamps give bonuses!

With the next video slot Wild Wishes from the manufacturer of online casino games Playtech, we are sending you directly to the Middle East, where you will be reminded of a folk tale about Aladdin, a poor young man. You know what story we are talking about – Aladdin and the Magic Lamp is a well-known fairy tale about magical experiences in which Aladdin meets the spirit from the lamp. Although the fairy tale is about a young man who lives in a city in China, this story comes to us from the collection One Thousand and One Nights, which belongs to the Arab cultural heritage. Aladdin’s encounter with the wondrous giant and his experiences served as the inspiration for the Wild Wishes video slot.

The Middle Eastern adventure is in the Wild Wishes slot

This fairytale video slot comes to us with a standard five reels in three rows and fifteen paylines. However, this configuration changes when the bonus game is launched, which will be discussed later. The appearance of the slot is very pleasant, behind the reels there is a small town where the fairytale shop is located, and you can immediately notice the mild colors that adorn the slot. The board with the symbols is framed in gold, and above the reeds there is a special row of symbols. These are five magic lamps, which are affected by the gains that happen on the reels.

Wild Wishes, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Slot layout

Consecutive winnings of up to 50 free spins!

Every time you make a win, one lamp will light up and provide you with one Respin! If you manage to get another combination of symbols during that respin, another lamp will light up and you will get another Respin. However, if you have more than four consecutive winnings, you will open a bonus game! Win four wins and win seven free spins. With five consecutive wins, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 or even 50 free spins await you!

Wild Wishes, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Additional row with lamps; won free spins

The required number of consecutive wins will be reduced if you turn on Feature Bet. When you activate this feature, Total Bet will increase by 10 coins on your every 15 coins. However, by activating it, you turn on the first lamp and from that moment you only need three sets of winnings to open the bonus game! Once you open the bonus game, the row in which the lamps were will be removed, providing you with another reel and 25 more paylines!

The magic lamp turns the symbols into wilds

Bonus game Free Spins has one function and that is Magic Lamp Feature which is powered by a lamp located on the right side of the reels. It will emit clouds of magical smoke that can cover several fields of the slot. If a wild is found on one of the smoke-covered reels, any symbol covered in smoke within the clouds will turn into a wild!

Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Regular symbols turn into wilds

And the Wild is the most valuable symbol of the Wild Wishes slot and is represented by the spirit from the blue lamp. This is a symbol that appears only on the central reels, i.e. 2, 3 and 4 reel. However, this miraculous spirit appears in the bonus game on all reels! Its role remains the same – it is in charge of changing regular symbols and making winning combinations. Its combinations can be very cost effective because five of these symbols in combination bring a magnification of 750 times!

You know what to do. Turn on Autoplay on 99 automatic spins, close your eyes and imagine a wish! Maybe this spirit is in a good mood today and brings you some good bonuses! The race to your online casino and spin can begin!

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