Zeus 2 – the supreme Greek god brings free spins!

Enjoy another Greek-themed online casino game with the supreme god of Greek mythology, Zeus. Playing this phenomenal game, which offers winnings as many as 100 free spins in a bonus game, was made possible by the well-known online casino game provider Habanero! And that’s not all if you decide to start playing, there are wilds waiting for you who will make the game more interesting. Let’s head to Olympus where Zeus 2 is waiting for us!

This video slot is standard for Habanero, it is characterized by simple graphics and minimal animations. If you are a fan of simpler video slots, this will definitely be a good choice for you. Slot Zeus 2 comes to us from the usual five reels in three rows and twenty-five paylines. The lines are fixed, which means that you cannot adjust their number, but the stakes are distributed on all lines.

Zeus 2 represents the inexhaustible theme of Greek mythology

The main theme of the slot is, of course, Greek mythology, and its influence is obvious. Inspired by this inexhaustible source, Habanero made the symbols exactly after the example of some of the main associations when it comes to Greece. So we have sculptures, vases and various other medallions with Greek influence, as well as the Parthenon. The symbols vary in value, ranging from 150 to 500 points for the five symbols collected. These symbols must be lined up on the payline exclusively from left to right to win.

Zeus 2
Zeus 2 slot symbols

In addition, if you make multiple winnings on a single payline, you will only be paid the highest value. However, gains on multiple lines are possible at the same time.

The Zeus 2 video slot has, in addition to regular symbols, two special symbols. One of them is a wild symbol and is represented by a soldier on a green background. The Wild is a symbol that has the function of replacing all regular symbols and building winning combinations with them. The only symbol that cannot be replaced is another special symbol, the scatter symbol.

Zeus 2
Wild symbol

Win 100 or more free spins to brighten your day!

This special symbol is represented by Zeus himself and it is a symbol that you want to see on the reels in as many numbers as possible! He is in charge of opening a bonus game in which you have the opportunity to win up to 100 free spins. You need to collect three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and open the bonus game:

  • If you collect three scatter symbols, you will win 10 free spins,
  • For the collected four Zeus you will get 25 free spins,
  • You will win the highest number of free spins, 100, if you collect five scatter symbols!
Zeus 2
Three scatter symbols

What’s sweeter, you can restart this game within the same game. You only need to reassemble at least three scatter symbols. We don’t have to tell you how much this can increase your balance.

Press the Start key and head to Olympus

Press the green button in the middle of the control panel to start spinning or set the number of automatic spins on the Autoplay button to make this process easier. A Bet Max button is also available, which is reserved for players who can use this button to automatically adjust the maximum bet per spin.

Without a hitch, indulge in the great Zeus 2 video slot game that comes with great earning potential. A bonus game with 100 free spins, but also regular symbols that will make great winning combinations, are waiting for you in your favorite casino. Enjoy spinning the slot of Greek mythology and visit Zeus who is looking forward to seeing you!

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