20 Joker Reels – a casino party with powerful wilds

If you missed a powerful classic slot with a great design, we have the right thing for you. The graphics of the next online casino game will simply delight you. Bright colors and silly jokers in combination guarantee great fun.

20 Joker Reels is a classic slot presented to us by the EGT provider. This game has everything you need: powerful wild symbols, fantastic scatters, bonus gambling and four progressive jackpots that leave no one indifferent.

20 Joker Reels
20 Joker Reels

Find out what else awaits you if you play this game by reading the following text, which follows an overview of the 20 Joker Reels slot. We have divided the overview of this game into several segments:

  • Basic  Slot Features
  • Symbols
  • Special symbols and bonus games
  • Graphics and sounds

Basic Slot Features

20 Joker Reels is a new classic slot that has five columns arranged in three rows and 20 fixed payouts. To make any winnings you need to connect three symbols on the payline.

There is one exception to this rule, so the Lucky 7 symbol is the only one that brings payouts with two symbols in the winning streak.

All winning combinations, except those with the scatter symbol, are counted from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

You can make one win on one payline. If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination.

The sum of winnings is of course possible but only when you make them on several different paylines at the same time.

Clicking on the blue button will open a menu in which you can select the bets per credit. To the right of this button are the fields with possible stakes with which you start the game.

The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time. You can deactivate the sound effects if you wish.


The symbols of the lowest payout are lemon, orange, cherry and plum. Five of these symbols in the winning combination will bring you five times more than the stakes.

After that, you will see double and triple Bar symbols on the columns. These symbols are of equal paying power. Five of these symbols in the winning combination will bring you 10 times more than the stakes.

The golden bell is one of the symbols of the greatest paying power. If you combine these five symbols in a winning combination, you will win 15 times more than the stakes.

The most valuable among the basic symbols is the red Lucky 7 symbol. If you combine these five symbols in the winning combination, you will win 50 times more than the stakes.

Special symbols and bonus games

The wild symbol is represented by a jester. This symbol changes all the symbols of the game, except the scatter, and helps them to create winning combinations.

The Wild appears in columns two, three and four. This symbol can occupy an entire column or even multiple columns at once. This will significantly increase your profits.

20 Joker Reels

The scatter symbol is represented by a bag full of money. This is the only symbol that brings payments wherever it is on the columns.

Scatter in this game does not bring free spins. However, you will get revenge with the strongest payouts. Five of these symbols on the columns automatically bring you 500 times more than the stakes!

20 Joker Reels

There is a gambling bonus at your disposal with the help of which you can double each win. All you have to do is guess which colors will be the next card drawn from the deck, black or red. You can gamble several times in a row.

20 Joker Reels
Gambling feature

20 Joker Reels also has four progressive jackpots presented in card colors. The jackpot game is activated at random. There will then be 12 fields in front of you.

When you collect three of the same characters, you will win the jackpot value that that character carries. The peak brings the highest value.

Graphics and sounds

20 Joker Reels is a slot of beautiful graphics and the game is set on a green background. The jester is presented in detail.

The sound effects of winning will delight you.

20 Joker Reels – enjoy a powerful classic!