Secrets of the Nile 2 – slot of Egyptian culture!

Head to Egypt with Secrets of the Nile 2 slot from Leap Gaming and enjoy exclusive bonus games. Key features of the game include free spins, walking and random wilds, and a token collection.

In the following text, learn all about:

  • Game themes and features
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

The game Secrets of the Nile 2 has a layout of five columns in three rows of symbols and 20 paylines.

In order to achieve any winnings, it is necessary to match three or more matching symbols in a winning combination. All winning combinations are calculated exclusively from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

Secrets of the Nile 2

You can make one win on one payline. If you have multiple winning combinations on the same payline, you will be paid the highest value combination. The sum of winnings is of course possible, but only when you achieve them on several different paylines at the same time.

The game controls are located at the bottom on the right and left side, where you can also access the Autoplay button for automatic spins.

Set the size of your bet on the coin symbol. On the left side you can enter the menu where you can view the rules of the game and the values of all symbols. On the icon marked with a speaker, you can turn the sound on or off.

Meet the symbols in Secrets of the Nile 2 slot!

It’s time to get acquainted with the symbols in the Secrets of the Nile 2 slot. Among the symbols of the lowest paying value, you will see the famous Egyptian cross and another symbol.

They are immediately followed by two more symbols with an identical payout value. These are the Egyptian beetle, the scarab, and the Egyptian eye. Anubis is another of the symbols that we can classify as medium paying power symbols.

Secrets of the Nile 2

Among the highest paying symbols you will see four Egyptian deities.

Wild symbols only appear on columns 1 and 5, however any wild symbol that appears on column 5 will move all symbols one position to the left with each new spin.

Unless it combines with another wild symbol coming from the opposite direction or with any wild symbol that appears on column 1. This symbol will move everything one position to the right, unless it meets another wild symbol coming from the opposite direction.

Exclusive bonuses bring profit!

Spare symbols exist on all columns and can bring a win. The wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except special and collection symbols.

It is possible for two spare symbols to be on the same horizontal level on opposite sides and pass each other without meeting each other on the same symbol during the same spin.

When two Wild symbols meet, they provide up to 4 random wild symbols across the main game columns.

Secrets of the Nile 2

Then the wild appears, showing the pharaoh and his wife in one symbol. Two to four new wilds will then be randomly added to your columns in the base game, and two to five wilds during the free spins.

Win Bonus Free Spins!

The nice thing is that the Secrets of the Nile 2 slot has a bonus round of free spins. The scatter symbol is represented by a pyramid and appears on columns two, three and four. When three of these symbols appear anywhere in the slots you will be awarded 10 free spins.

Secrets of the Nile 2 slot has a collecting mechanism. Between 1 and 3 “Eye of God Ra” collection symbols can appear in a single spin on the leftmost column.

After collecting 30 “Eye of God Ra” symbols you will be rewarded with a certain amount, after which the counter will reset to zero.

There are two levels of rewards for collecting the “Eye of God Ra” symbol, the thirtieth symbol collected will define that level, which can be seen in the pay table.

Play Secrets of the Nile 2 slot at your chosen online casino and make a profit.