2027 ISS takes you on an intergalactic casino journey!

Come with us on another space adventure, this time taken by the online casino game provider Endorphina, via the 2027 ISS video slot. In front of us is another interesting online casino edition, trained in a game of top graphics, with bonus functions and games, which lead to great payouts. With the help of the x2 payout multiplier wild, unlimited free spins with the x3 multiplier and the well-known and popular Gamble option, indulge in the path to space bonuses and enjoy the ride.

The online casino slot 2027 ISS is an intergalactic slot, placed, where else, in space, among millions of stars, which illuminate the game board. All the time during the spin, one gets the impression that the player was sent on a journey to explore the vast cosmos, and the narrator and minimalist music of relaxing tones contribute to that. The game board does not seem to exist, but the symbols on five columns in three rows freely levitate in the air.

Cosmos is waiting for you, embark on an unprecedented casino journey with the 2027 ISS video slot

The group of basic symbols of slot 2027 ISS includes the classic card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, J and A, which carry lower payout values, and they are joined by slightly more valuable symbols of spacecraft, maps, dice, meteors and roulette. The last two symbols and the number 9 symbol will give you winnings for 2-5 of the same symbols in combination, from left to right in columns, and the other symbols only pay for the same three.

2027 ISS
2027 ISS slot layout

When you make this combination of symbols, it is also necessary for it to be on one of the nine paylines, as many as this slot has, in order for the winnings to be secured. If it happens that several winnings are found on one payment line, the profit will be provided only by the most valuable, and simultaneous winnings are possible on several payment lines.

On the 2027 ISS slot game board, you will also notice special symbols, a wild and a scatter, which will, each in its own way, help you reach even better winnings. The woman in the cosmonaut’s protective suit represents the wild of this game, which appears in all columns, and offers winning combinations for 2-5 of the same symbols on the payline.

2027 ISS
Winning with a wild symbol

In addition, a wild with basic symbols can participate in building winnings by replacing them on paylines, thus helping you to win more often. And that’s not all, whenever the wild participates in the formation of the profit, the value of that combination doubles. This is a symbol that cannot replace only the scatter symbol and the Fuel and Hyper Jump symbols.

Spin to exhaustion for free with the win multiplier x3

The last symbol that appears in the basic game is a scatter, represented by the ISS slot logo, which indicates the International Space Station. This is also a payment symbol, which brings you payouts for 2-5 of the same symbols anywhere on the game board, regardless of paylines. However, even three scatter symbols are enough for you to go to the bonus game, where unlimited free spins with the multiplier x3 are waiting for you.

Once you start the bonus game, two new symbols are introduced, which will greatly affect the length of the bonus game. First, you will notice one scale above the column, which will be filled with scatter symbols; as many scatter symbols as started by the bonus game will fill this scale, and so the game begins.

2027 ISS
Fuel symbol

The first of the two symbols of the bonus game is Fuel, i.e. fuel, which you will need to make this ride last as long as possible. Opposite the fuel is the Hyper Space Jump symbol, in charge of taking away your fuel; these two symbols are interrelated – each time fuel appears, you get one filled division on the scale, and when Hyper Space Jump appears, one division is subtracted and the game will be shortened.

These two symbols can randomly bring you a payout twice your stake in the bonus game, so you should count on that as well. Free spin lasts as long as you have fuel in your scale, ie. while at least one section on the scale is filled.

2027 ISS
Hyper Space Jump symbol on the right

Increase the value of your winnings by gambling

Video slot 2027 ISS also has a well-known winnings gambling option, available after each win in the base game or after a bonus game has been played. There are one revealed card and four hidden cards in the game, and the goal is to predict a card of higher value in relation to the detected card. If you manage to hit a more valuable card, your winnings are doubled and you can continue to guess or return to the basic game.

2027 ISS
Gambling feature

2027 ISS is an online casino slot that, thanks to its excellent graphics, successfully leads the way to space. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be so successful if it didn’t have great bonus features, in charge of improving the game, which give x2 multiplier wilds, an unlimited number of free spins and a gambling bonus game. We introduced you to the game, it’s up to you to go to your favorite online casino and try it out.

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