3 Devils Pinball – casino slot inspired by pinball!

The great news is coming for all pinball fans. Casino maker Microgaming, in collaboration with Crazy Toth Studios, has launched a spectacular new casino game, 3 Devils Pinball. It is an exclusive game that you will not easily find elsewhere, and it provides a unique gaming experience. Enjoy an online pinball-style casino game with a host of exciting new bonus features that can bring you great casino earnings.

The game setup is 6 columns in 4 rows and 25 paylines, however, there are times when you get up to 6 columns in 8 rows and 50 paylines. This way you can easily get to the main prize, which is 2,597 times bigger than your stake. In slot 3 Devils Pinball, fun and excitement await you with two exclusive bonus games with multipliers.

3 Devils Pinball
3 Devils Pinball

Slot 3 Devils Pinball is a game of medium volatility, and the theoretical RTP is 96.70%, which is significantly above average and can bring you frequent winning combinations. The main bonus functions of the slot are wild symbols, wild multipliers, 3 Devils bonus and Pinball bonus.

Pinball fun awaits you in the 3 Devils Pinball casino game!

The background of the game is dominated by fiery colors complemented by flames, especially when a winning combination is formed. Then you will see lines connecting the winning symbols, along with a trail of fire, which the little devil, standing at the top of the game, will cheerfully greet. Although this is a retro design game, the symbols are beautifully presented, in a cheerful spirit, so your gaming experience will be at a great level.

On the right side, there is a control panel, where you have the opportunity to set the height of the stakes and start the game. The Autoplay button is also available, which is used to play the game automatically, and you can see details about the values ​​of the symbols and the rules of the game in the menu.

3 Devils Pinball
Online Casino Bonus

Let’s take a look at the features of the 3 Devils Pinball slot itself, inspired by the popular pinball game. Namely, there are two variants with wild symbols. You have a regular variant, which you use to form new combinations, but you do not receive any additional rewards.

Another variant with wild symbols comes with multipliers. So, with the wild multiplier, the value of the winning combination doubles. The multiplier x2 is applied to each wild symbol participating in the win.

3 Devils Pinball
Slot symbols

While playing the 3 Devils Pinball game, you will notice that the column expansion function may occur. The developers named this feature Pinball, and here’s what it offers: an expansion happens at random and then you play on an extended number of rows with 50 paylines.

The balls will be fired into the game area and will transform random symbols, giving you wild symbols or multiplier wilds instead, which helps you make a better payout.

Enjoy the powerful bonus games of the 3 Devils Pinball slot!

In addition to powerful wild symbols, valuable scatter symbols are waiting for you in the game. Their role is to help you launch the 3 Devils bonus game. During this bonus game, you get a large area of ​​the game, which is filled with cash prizes and bumpers.

Prizes in this bonus game are collected when they are hit by a ball that passes in random paths, while bumpers will apply multipliers up to five times larger than your bet.

As we mentioned, the play area has a pinball shape, at least if you look at the outside. A flame with neon lights passes by the side of the game, and a tiny devil stands at the top, which corresponds to the title of the game. The play area is filled with images of fire, some of them painted in orange, others in purple or green, while symbols of greater value show several variants of devilish symbols.

3 Devils Pinball
3 Devils Pinball

Slot 3 Devils Pinball takes us back to a time when pinball machines were an indispensable part of city fun, with a host of innovative additions. The game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it via desktop as well as via tablet and mobile phone.

Also, the game 3 Devils Pinball has a demo version, which gives you the opportunity to try it for free, at your chosen online casino. This is a retro game, at least in terms of visual appearance, and it will appeal to all types of casino players.

Enjoy the pinball game brought to you by slot 3 Devils Pinball, with unique features and exclusive bonuses, and for more interesting casino games, see our Casino Games section.