3D Blackjack – stack the perfect 21 and win three times as much!

Blackjack is one of the most popular games ever. A new version of 3D Blackjack is coming to you from the game makers, Leap Gaming. For those who are not so familiar with blackjack, the basic rules of this game are to play against dealers and have a better hand than them.

The same rules apply to the new 3D blackjack game, which is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and the goal of the game is to compete with a hand as close as possible to number 21 or exactly 21 without going over 21.

After bets are placed, both you and the dealer are dealt two cards. All cards except one of the dealer are dealt face-up. All numbered cards are worth their face value; face cards are worth 10 and the ace can be worth one or 11. Once the two cards have been dealt, you have several options.

  • Hit– you receive another card
  • Stand– you keep your hand as it is
  • Double– you receive another card and your bet is doubled
  • Split– if your first two cards are of the same value, you can split your hand in two; you’ll receive an additional card for each hand
3D blackjack
3D Blackjack, online casino bonus
3D Blackjack

The dealer is obliged to draw a new card at the sum of 16 or less, as well as to stop if the sum of the cards in his hands is 17.

The strongest combination of cards is any card with a value of ten and an ace. This combination is also known as Blackjack. The Split option will be activated if you receive two cards of the same value and you will be asked to double your bet. You can only double after the first two cards you receive. If you select this option, it automatically means that you select the third one as well.

3D Blackjack offers great graphics!
The game features crystal clear 3D graphics and sound effects that fit perfectly and complete the game.

The RTP (return to player percentage) is an amazing 99.54%. This item could certainly attract quite a number of people to try it out.

The game is quite dynamic, almost perfect for fans of fast games. Play three hands at once and increase your chances of winning. Give it a try and you won’t regret it! Note that 3D Blackjack allows you to bet in three different places and win more!

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