5 Juggle Fruits – casino slot rich in bonuses

Classic slots are always in trend and what is so good about them is the fact that they always come in a new guise with interesting bonuses. The new game 5 Juggle Fruits comes from the casino game provider EGT Interactive with as many as two bonus games and the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot.

5 Juggle Fruits
5 Juggle Fruits

When you enter the game 5 Juggle Fruits, don’t be confused by the simplicity and the fact that it has only three columns, because this is a game with countless opportunities for good earnings, and comes with exclusive bonus games, but also a chance to win one of four progressive jackpots.

The game setup is on three columns in three rows and 5 fixed lines with a juggling bonus game and bonus free spins. Payment lines can be horizontal and diagonal.

As for the symbols that will greet you on the columns of the 5 Juggle Fruits slot, they completely match the theme of the game.

Slot 5 Juggle Fruits abounds with exclusive bonuses!

You will see fruit symbols of cherries and plumes but in two colors. Namely, all the symbols in the game are presented in two colors. The cherry symbols are in red and blue, while the plum symbols are in green and blue.

The bell symbol, which is also a common symbol in slots with a classic theme, comes in blue and gold. The symbol with the highest payout value is number seven and appears in red and white.

5 Juggle Fruits
A winning combination with the plum symbol

The wild symbol is shown in the form of a gold star with the Wild logo on it and has the power to replace other regular symbols. In addition, when you receive three wilds on the slot’s columns at the same time, you will receive a payout of 4,000 points.

The online casino slot 5 Juggle Fruits also has a scatter symbol whose role will delight you, but we will talk about that below.

Win bonus free spins in the 5 Juggle Fruits slot!

Before you start playing slot 5 Juggle Fruits, you need to set the size of your stake on the command panel to the keys 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100, which are also the keys to start the game.

You can also use autoplay with the orange button in the game, but you need to know that you can’t enter the gambling game when the Autoplay option is on.

It’s time to say something about the bonus games of the 5 Juggle Fruits slot, and the bonuses are as follows:

  • Multiplier juggling bonus
  • Bonus free spins
  • Bonus gambling game
  • Bonus jackpot ticket

As for the juggling bonus game, it is activated when you fill all the positions with the same symbol. So, when you have all 9 positions filled with the same symbol, there is a juggling bonus where the multiplier x2 is applied to your winnings.

5 Juggle Fruits
Bonus feature with multiplier

The bonus juggling game requires the symbols to be the same but not necessarily the same color. For example, if you receive blue and gold bell symbols, all symbols will be transformed into gold bell symbols and a payout will be made accordingly.

The free spin bonus game is activated when three scatter symbols appear simultaneously on the slot columns. You will then be rewarded with 15 bonus free spins, which can be reactivated if you receive more scatter symbols during the bonus round.

5 Juggle Fruits slot also has a gambling bonus game that you can enter after the winning combination and thus have a chance to double your winnings.

5 Juggle Fruits
Gambling feature

The bonus game of gambling is very simple and all you have to do is guess the color of the card, and the colors available for guessing are red and black. For those who don’t know the game of gambling, enter the Gamble button on the control panel.

EGT provider slots are also popular because of the Jackpot Cards bonus game, which allows you to win one of four progressive jackpots, whose values ​​are highlighted at the top of the game.

Bonus Jackpot Cards are activated at random and you will be offered 12 cards, and your task is to hit three of the same to win the jackpot amount.

Online casino game 5 Juggle Fruits is a great casino game with classic symbols and a multitude of bonuses that can lead you to big winnings.

Play slot 5 Juggle Fruits at your chosen online casino and win valuable prizes.



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