5 Line Fortune – a classic slot that brings fun

The sweet fruits arrive refreshed and enhanced with some special symbols and bonus games. The Wild is one of the special symbols that will help you reach somewhat more frequent winnings. In addition, a wheel of fortune awaits you and you can spin it several times in a row if luck serves you. From the game maker, Green Tube Casino comes a classic casino game called 5 Line Fortune. Happiness is what you will need to come up with some lucrative rewards. Read the overview of the classic 5 Line Fortune slot below.

5 Line Fortune is a classic slot that has three columns in three rows and five paylines. Payment lines are fixed and you cannot change their number. You will see nine symbols on the columns. The small number of symbols will especially attract fans of classic slots who can relax and enjoy the simplicity of the game. To make any winnings, you need to arrange three symbols on the payline. The three symbols in the winning sequence are the only winning combination. All winning combinations are counted from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

5 Line Fortune
5 Line Fortune

And now something about the game panel. And there are not many complications. Next to the Total Bet keys, there are plus and minus keys that will be used to place bets. The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time.

Let’s now get to know the symbols of the 5 Line Fortune slot! The columns are dominated by fruit symbols. However, these are not the only symbols you will encounter in this game. Each symbol has a different payout value and you will get to know them in detail. We will introduce you to all the symbols, from the ones with the lowest value to the highest-paid symbols.

5 Line Fortune slot symbols

The symbols of the least paying power are cherries. The winning combination of three cherries pays the value of the stakes. Then comes the lemon, and three lemons in the winning combination will bring you twice as much as the stakes. After the lemon, another southern fruit. It’s an orange. The winning combination with oranges will bring you five times more than the stakes. Nothing would be complete without the most popular fruit in our country. Of course, we are talking about plums. The winning combination of plums will bring you 10 times more than you invested.

Grapes are the next symbol in terms of payment value. Three grape symbols in the winning combination will multiply your bet 25 times! After the grapes, there is also a watermelon. And she pays twice as much. Three watermelons on the payline will bring you 50 times more than the stakes.

And, to surprise you, there are no more fruit symbols! However, we are not done with all the symbols. There are a few symbols left that bring the biggest payouts. The red Lucky 7 symbol is next in terms of payout. Three Lucky 7 symbols on the payline bring 100 times more than the stakes!

The first special symbol we will present to you is the wild symbol. The Wild is here in the shape of a jester. The Wild changes all the symbols of this game, except the bonus symbols, and helps them to form winning combinations. But that’s not all. The Wild is also a payment symbol, and it is a symbol of the greatest paying power! Three wilds on the payline bring you a payout 200 times your bet! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

5 Line Fortune
A wild

If all these payouts seem small to you, just remember that you can connect nine identical symbols on the columns! This will bring you winnings on all five paylines.

Launch the Wheel of Fortune bonus game

The bonus symbol is a symbol that represents the wheel of fortune. This symbol launches the bonus point game of happiness. Wherever the bonus symbol appears on the columns, the wheel of fortune is set in motion. At the point of happiness are the fields that multiply your bet. Multipliers go up to x100. But there are two special fields – Major and Grand. These are two jackpots!

5 Line Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

Once you win one prize, you move on to the lower wheel of fortune. At the bottom point, there are only green and red fields. If the arrow lands on the red field, the game ends. If the arrow falls on the green field, you will have another respin. If you are lucky, you can get respins several times in a row. If the first wheel of fortune stops at the Major or Grand Jackpot, then you will not have a respin.

5 Line Fortune is set on a colorful background. Sound effects are standard, except when special symbols appear or when the bonus game Wheel of Fortune is launched.

5 Line Fortune – a classic slot that brings good luck!


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