888 Dragons – Dragons bring good luck in the casino game!

The 888 Dragons slot comes from the kitchen of provider Pragmatic Play and stands out in that it comes with three reels and only three symbols. The game has an Asian theme with a very simple layout on three reels and one payline. Dive into the world of dragons and the prize you can win is 100 times bigger than the stakes.

888 Dragons
888 Dragons

The classic 888 Dragons video slot has a focus on the Chinese mythical animal – the Dragon, which is believed to bring good luck, especially in combination with the number 8 in which the Dragons of this casino slot are formed. The look of the slot is simple and the game has no bonus free spins or any additional features.

The slot has a retro and oriental design with a theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) of 96.84%. The game also has a demo version, so you can try it for free at your favourite online casino.

The online casino slot 888 Dragons comes with an interesting dragon theme!

The game is designed with a few basic graphics to show a trio of Dragons in the shape of the number eight. These Dragons come in Blue, Silver, Green and Red. The reels of the slot are orange to better emphasize the beauty of the symbols and they are surrounded by a Gold border.

888 Dragons
Online Casino Bonus

The positive side of this online casino game is that the game is very simple and is suitable for players who are just encountering the world of casino games. It will be very easy to manage with a slot on three reels and one payline. The control panel is located at the bottom of the slot and has options for setting roles and starting the game.

You start the game on the inverted white arrow, which represents the Start button, you place the bet on the +/- arrows. An Autoplay button is also available with which you can set the game to play automatically 10 to 100 times. The “i” option opens the information page.

Feel the power of the dragons in the 888 Dragons slot of Pragmatic Play!

Although setting up a slot is easy, finding a winning streak is not easy, as this is a game of high volatility. For the symbols of the three red Dragons on the payline, you can get 100 times more than the stakes, while for the symbols of the three Green Dragons you can win 50 times more than the stakes. The symbols of the Blue Dragons bring a payout 25 times the stakes.

There are only three symbols in the game and combinations can be formed with three matching Dragons or with three mixed Dragons. The Dragons are shown in the slot as two-headed versions in the shape of the number 8. All you have to do is place the symbols of the Dragons on one payline and they will form winning combinations.

888 Dragons
888 Dragons

If you are familiar with the slots on the three reels in any way, you probably know that there are no special bonus features. Dragons play a rather big role in Chinese culture and are a symbol of happiness. The game looks nice with the payout table on the left, while the slot reels are on the right. The graphics are in Chinese style and look modern.

Slot 8 Dragons also from the provider Pragmatic Play, could intrigue you if you like slots of this type.

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