Absolute Super Reels – a slot of big wins

The online casino slot Absolute Super Reels comes from the casino game provider iSoftbet with an unusual column setup and a multitude of bonuses. In the game, you have three columns with two additional columns that give additional winnings and multipliers. Try to win the right combination because you have a chance to win the jackpot.

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Although the Absolute Super Reels slot is not purely traditional, the traditional lucky number seven symbols and BAR symbols are used. The game is accompanied by an exciting rock composition with electronic sound.

 Absolute Super Reels

The title of the game is illuminated and surrounded by flashing lights like a stage for a rock concert. In the game Absolute Super Reels, there are seven different symbols of the lucky number seven, each in a different color, and some are supported by bright lightning.

Add the yellow and purple extra columns and the fact that the control buttons are different colors and you will realize that the colorfulness of the game is tempting.

The Absolute Super Reels slot offers a multitude of bonus extras!

When you remove all the add-ons this is actually a very simple slot with three columns and 5 paylines. So, if you play a slot for anything between 1 and 9 coins, that is exactly what you will have without any add-ons in the game.

However, if you play for 10 to 15 coins, all the additional features will appear and the payouts will become much higher. Due to this fact, it is a warm recommendation to play for a full 15 coins.

super 2 2

To win this slot you will need three in a row of any symbols on one of the 5 horizontal lines to win. There are actually two different payouts, one when you play for 1-9 coins, and the other when you play for 10-15 coins.

Unlike many other slots, you will not find bonus free spins here, but a powerful bonus Respin function awaits you.

Before you start winning the Absolute Super Reels online slot, you need to get acquainted with the control panel, in order to adjust the size of the stakes and start the game.

It is also recommended that you look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game and the values ​​of each symbol separately.

super 3 2

The symbol that has the highest payout is the game’s logo, followed by the number seven symbols at the payout value. Lastly, you’ll see single, double, and triple BAR symbols that have the lowest value but make up for that with frequent appearances.

There are three add-ons in the Absolute Super Reels slot that come in the form of additional columns and a Respin function. Let’s look at what this is about and how to activate additional columns.

The fourth column comes into play when you play for at least 10 coins and will display the following symbols. +50, +750, +1,000.

If one of these symbols falls on the winning line next to any winning combination, this coin amount will be added to your total winnings. In this column, you will find either one of the listed additional amounts or an empty space.

Win a progressive jackpot in the slot!

The fifth and final column is activated only when played with a full 15 coins, and this column includes multipliers and bonus Respin.

The multipliers on this column are x2, x5, and x10 and will come back into play when the multiplier lands on the payline next to any winning combination.

If the Respin symbol appears next to the winning combination, you will receive up to 5 respins. Respins can be reactivated if you land the Respin symbol during the bonus round.


The slot also has a progressive jackpot that changes depending on the value of the coins you play with.

To win the jackpot, you’ll need a combination of three game logo symbols, along with an additional +1,000 symbol and an x10 multiplier on the last column.

The Absolute Super Reels slot is an exciting release with a whole host of add-ons designed to make the game interesting. The combination of additional winnings and multipliers can turn even the smallest winnings into a big one, and each slot with a progressive jackpot attracts attention.

Play the Absolute Super Reels slot at your chosen online casino and win great winnings.


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