Alchemy Fortunes – a magical online casino game!

The Alchemy Fortunes video slot comes from casino game maker Microgaming in collaboration with All 41 Studios, has a seven-column setup in seven rows and uses Hyper Clusters game mechanics.

Winnings in this slot are formed in groups of five corresponding symbols, and each winning symbol is added to the meter. When you reach the appropriate milestones, you will introduce a whole range of modifiers that will culminate in the launch of bonus free spins.

alchemy fortunes

The Alchemy Fortunes video slot comes with a 7 × 7 grid and uses Hyper Clusters mechanics.

To create a win, you will need to group five or more matching symbols into a “cluster”, ie a group in which the symbols will touch vertically or horizontally.

The Alchemy Fortunes video slot comes with the Hyper Clusters feature!

The RTP of this game is 96.41%, which is very solid, and the volatility is high. The most you can win in one spin is 1,100 times more than the total stake.

As for the theme, the game is located in the laboratory of alchemists. Framed by books of spells and flickering candles, the symbols are lovely and sharp against a dark background. You will also be captivated by the magical music that is heard as you spin the columns of this video slot.

The Alchemy Fortunes video slot game network consists of four symbols of gems, lower value, and a quartet of beverage bottles, higher payout value.

The most highest-paying in this group of symbols is the one filled with red liquid. Submit a group of 30 or more of these symbols and you will win a payout 500 times the stake.


The wild symbol in the slot is represented by a bright blue ball and replaces all symbols in the winning cluster, ie group. You can play this game on all devices, both on the desktop, and on the tablet and mobile phone.

A lot is happening in the Alchemy Fortunes slot, starting with the mechanics of the Rolling Reels game, where winning symbols are collected at each spin.

Collect enough of them and introduce a full selection of modifiers into the game, but also run bonus free spins.

As for the Rolling Reels function, we have already mentioned it in other slots, and it is known for its cascading columns.

Here, the winning symbols are added to the magic voltage meter, which is located on the side of the columns, and in their place come new symbols, which fall from above.

Alchemy Fortunes video slot with many exclusive bonuses!

Another feature in this slot is Random Wilds, where random wilds are randomly added to the columns of the slot.

Between 3 and 6 wilds can be added to a non-winning spin, while in free spins five wilds are added at the beginning of each free spin.

What happens next in this magic slot? Winning symbols are added to the Magic Potion Meter, and if you collect a certain number of winning symbols in one set, you will activate the bonus function that is active for the next spin.

The meter is reset at the beginning of each turn. Here you can expect Potion Swap, where all high-value symbols change to one, then Summon Wilds where between 3 and 6 wilds are added to random positions.


In the Gem Crush bonus game, lower value symbols are removed and only higher value symbols are played, which brings better winnings.

In the Alchemy of Wilds feature, all marked positions with wilds during the throw become wild positions. And finally, we come to Fortune Free Spins, where bonus free spins are launched.

Bonus free spins are triggered by collecting 100 symbols. You will be rewarded with 5 bonus free spins, a Rolling Reels function and a Magic Potion meter, so it is possible to activate other bonuses during bonus free spins.

During free spins, five wild symbols are added at the beginning of each spin to increase the chances of landing winning combinations.

The Alchemy Fortunes video slot with Rolling Reels and Magic Potion meter can bring great casino winnings. The slot is full of variety, which contributes to the excitement and interestingness of the game.

In fact, these magic potions can bring a lot of benefits, because the frequency of hits is higher than 50%. With wins 1,100 times greater than the stakes per spin, the game will appeal to all types of players.

Play the Alchemy Fortunes slot, and you can try this game for free at your favorite online casino, in a demo version.


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