All Aces Poker – May the Aces bring you good luck!

Although new and more types of online slots machines are released nowadays, video poker machines have been and will be one of the most attractive games among fans of online slots! We present you a new online All Aces poker slot from the game manufacturer Microgaming. The slot has a few exceptional features compared to other video poker games.

all aces poker

All Aces Poker, Online casino bonus
All Aces Poker

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, which means there are no jokers in this slot!

You can bet up to five coins during the game and calculate the total bet per hand by multiplying “coins” by “coin size”. If you have more than one winning combination in one hand, you will get payouts that are higher than what you have in that hand.

Double your winnings at All Aces Poker!
You can gamble any winnings you make unless your winnings reach the maximum payout limit in one hand. When you win, there will be a nice logo in the lower right corner. When you click it, the gambling or duplication will open. You will be shown five maps on the screen, one of which will be open. The goal of this feature is to select the most valuable card out of the remaining face-down cards. In order for you to double your winning a face-up card has to have a higher value than the rest face-up cards, if the cards have the same value, you can try again. You can gamble until you reach the maximum payout limit per hand

all aces poker

Online Casino bonus, all aces Poker
Online Casino Bonus

all aces poker

Double your winnings!

Other video poker games offer the lowest payouts when you make a winning combination of a single pair, however, All Aces poker allows you to make big profits only when you get a pair of gendarmes or cards of great value. In other words, a pair of cards that are below the gendarme values ​​in this game is not a winning combination.

The table of potential payouts is shown to you at all times during the game. If you get lower value poker cards from two to four, it pays more than higher value poker cards.

Four aces and Royal Flush bring the most!
If you bet one to four coins per hand, the highest-paid combination of the game is four aces, or as the name of the game itself says All Aces. This is the main thing that distinguishes this game from other video poker games. Only on the maximum of five coins, multiplied by the maximum coin size Royal Flush will have a higher value than the combination of four aces.

The RTP (return to player) of this video poker is an amazing 99.92%, which sounds fascinating and it’s another good reason to try this game.

The game has a purple background with great graphics. It also features classic sound effects from the old poker machines which you can hear when playing your hand! Don’t worry, you can adjust the volume.

Try this great game, and if you get a Royal Flush or four Aces, amazing payouts await you. Let poker become your winning combination!

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