Astro Legends – an exciting space adventure slot!

Do you want to sail a spaceship into outer space? If you do then you are in the right place with the online casino slot Astro Legends from the game maker Microgaming in cooperation with Foxium. This cascading slot with 3D graphics, interesting music and an interesting story gives you the temptation to travel into unexplored space. This intergalactic adventure is set on an interesting 22 independent reels resembling honeycombs, in a 1-2-3-3-4-3-3-2-1 setting and with 20 paylines.

In the background, you will see the beautiful expanse of the unexplored universe, clouds and a planet emerging from them. Elegant tones of blue and purple cover the entire background, you can also see a mysterious source that shines with a unique energy.

Astro Legends, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Astro Legends Setting

To the left of the slot is Lyra playing the guitar and she is part of this scaring mission. The symbols that appear are A, K and Q, as well as a large number of different gemstones such as Amestist, Peridot and Garnet. Have fun with a Multiplayer Wild, Sonic Respin and Lyra’s Spirit Bonus.

Multiplayer Wild Astro Legends slot multiplies your winnings!

The Multiplayer Wildcard symbol can appear in three red cells and can replace any symbol. Each win that used the Multiplayer Wildcard offers a payout increased by a random multiplier of 2 to 5. Multiplayer winnings are multiplied if the winning set contains more than one Multiplayer Wildcard symbol.

The Sonic Respin function is activated randomly and quite often. When activated, Lyra will target the locked crystals and try to release them, while Erion will try to lock the new symbols with a shield. If the winning set is larger and contains 5 or more symbols, they are retained as the winning symbols rotate again. The Sonic Respin function will continue until a group of the same symbols fills the screen.

Astro Legends, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Sonic Respin

Collect bubbles to launch a special function!

In the upper left corner, we have the Stardust Bubble Collection, which is like a warehouse and which is filled when bubbles appear randomly on any reel.  Bubbles that Lyra shoots fill the Stardust Bubble warehouse. They can be different values, from 2 to 10. When 100 or more points are collected, the Lyra Spirit Bonus is activated.

When this feature is activated, Lyra turns into a Lion and starts running across the screen collecting gems from three different lanes. Erion will try to stop Lyra by throwing crystal barriers, preventing her from moving on to the next stage.

Astro Legends, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Lyra Spirit Bonus

During level 1-3, Erion will shoot randomly at one lane, and during level 4-7 at two lanes. Lyra has three lives, the ability to go through seven stages and the ability to increase stakes up to 20 times. The game ends when Lyra crosses all seven levels or loses all three lives.

If you have ever wondered what playing in a space competition and winning a beautiful gemstone would look like, then play the online slot Astro Legends Lyra and Erion.

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