Bastet and Cats – an ancient Egyptian casino adventure

Once again, we return to ancient Egypt, which we have done many times so far through reviews of various video slots, only this time we have the honor to meet Bast or Bastet. The ancient Egyptian goddess-cat, guardian of the pharaoh and deity Ra, Bastet, will take us through the video slot Bastet and Cats, with cascading columns, multipliers, a bonus game with free spins and coins that give instant cash winnings. The online casino game provider Mascot made an effort to make a slightly different Egyptian-themed slot, which will be different from the usual slots on this theme. Continue reading the text, meet Bastet and you are ready to embark on an adventure at your favorite online casino!

An ancient goddess-cat leads to an ancient Egyptian treasure in the Bastet and Cats slot

The online casino slot Bastet and Cats is located in the desert, with pyramids and palm trees in the background, and the goddess Bastet, which is located on the left side of the slot and follows the events on the columns. Bastet is so cute that she will celebrate your winnings with a crazy dance, jumping and throwing gold coins on the columns. The slot is always accompanied by appropriate music with oriental elements, which is interrupted only by sound effects when winning.

Bastet and Cats
Bastet and Cats layout

The game board consists of five columns in four rows, and it will alternate basic and special symbols, of different values ​​and functions. The first group of symbols includes the classic card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A in the gold edition, with one hieroglyph next to it. Pharaoh’s mask, white and black cat and Bastet join these symbols as basic.

All the basic symbols will give you a gain when you arrange 3-5 of the same from left to right in columns, starting from the first column to the left. Such combinations should then be found on one of the 40 paylines in order for the winnings to be insured. Payment lines are fixed, which means that you cannot change their number, and if more than one combination is found on one payment line, only the most valuable one will be paid. Winnings on multiple paylines are possible.

Use cascading columns with multipliers and get better bonuses

The Bastet and Cats slot has cascading columns, which means that the symbols that participated in the formation of the combination are removed from the columns, giving way to new symbols. The existence of new symbols then allows you to connect with other symbols, which continue to make new winning combinations, with only one investment per spin. So, in a way, you get free spins, with old symbols, which are joined by several new ones, depending on how many winnings they made.

Bastet and Cats
Cascading columns

Along with the cascading columns come the multipliers as well, whose value changes according to the length of your winning streak, so the first win in the string will have a multiplier x1, the next x2, then x3 and finally x5.

Bastet and Cats
Cascading columns with multipliers

The first symbol of the special group, the Wild, will help you put together winning combinations. This is the symbol shown by Anka, i.e. an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “eternal life”, which appears in all columns. The Joker will not give you payouts for your own combinations but will help you win by replacing the basic symbols on the game board. The only symbol that the joker cannot replace is the scatter, which means that only the basic symbols will build gains.

The bonus game hides free spins with even better multipliers

Scarab, the most famous ancient Egyptian amulet in the form of a sacred beetle, is a scatter symbol of the Bastet and Cats slot, which also does not provide winnings for its own combinations. However, this symbol will take you to the bonus game when you collect five or more copies on the game board.

Once you succeed in starting the bonus game, free spins are waiting for you, but also much better multipliers, which will provide 3, 6, 9 and 15 times better winnings via cascading columns.

Bastet and Cats
Bonus Game

Scatter symbols can even trigger another function, which, this time, will award you gold coins for each scatter symbol. All these values ​​will then add up and you will receive an instant payment. These two functions can even be run at the same time, so you can also get free spins with multipliers and cash winnings via gold coins.

Lastly, the Bastet and Cats video slot also features the Risk’n’Buy feature, specific to this provider, which will be available to you after any winning or non-winning spin. A board will appear on the right side of the column, in which you will be offered either to risk winning in a given spin and go to a bonus game with free spins and try to win a bigger win, or to pay direct access to the bonus game. If you do not like the offer, you can always return to the basic game and continue spinning. It should also be noted that the Risk’n’Buy function will not be available to you if you use Autoplay mode.

Bastet and Cats

The Bastet and Cats video slot returns to ancient Egypt in an unprecedented way, this time with the cat goddess in the lead role, in charge of guiding you to the bonus. Bastet will thus show you how to win bonuses using cascading columns with multipliers up to x5, and then take you to a bonus game with free spins and gold coins. Let Bastet take you on a great casino trip and enjoy spinning the Bastet and Cats video slot.

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