Battle Mania brings an epic battle with four bonus levels!

We present you an online casino game that is a combination of a casino game and the so-called RPG (Role-playing game) game, a game in which you turn into one of the heroes of the game and take part in feats. It is a game of the well-known provider Microgaming: Battle Mania. This is a unique game that you do not expect to play in a casino. It comes to us without reels but with cards that represent the heroes of the game with which you will win. But let us go in order!

When you enter the game itself, you will be greeted by a selection of five teams of heroes. Each of these teams has its value and its volatility. You can choose between higher wins but less frequent ones and between higher frequencies smaller wins, the decision is up to you. The payout value is different for each team, so it can vary between 20 and 3,940 coins per win. You can change teams at any time during the game, after the calculation.

Battle Mania – choose a team wisely!

All teams are composed of five fictional heroes and each of them has a package of special possibilities. From healing to injury, to killing enemies, crushing stones and magically resurrecting, these characters are truly faithfully portrayed. You can see the effort that is put into the game in each hero. In the game menu, read and see for yourself the genius of this endeavour.

So, there are five teams, we will start with a team that offers more valuable payments but much less often. This is a team of Islands Guardians made up of Baalthor, Sligi, Eloimaya, Dhakuq and Assirra. There are also Heroes of Light who make up Eloimaya, Brugnur, Snowflake, Alderton and Renodet. The Champions of Balance team is represented by Renodet, Torben, Diabla, Randolph and Miandra. The fourth team is the Dark Fury team and consists of Ormadone, Randolph, Baalthor, Enk and Diabla. And, the team with the most variance and the least gains is the Heavy Fighters team that consists of Torben, Miandra, Snowflake, Ormadone and Enk.

Battle Mania
Baalthor, an example of a hero

So choose your team and the game can begin. Each member of your team will fight against one enemy, your task is to defeat them all. They have a scale of power that decreases and increases. Now, at the beginning of each round, you are dealt one card per hero that determines the outcome. Each blow to the enemy removes one division from the scale and brings you gain. However, if you draw a card with a skeleton head, your hero loses.

Battle Mania
The victory of the enemy

Unlock bonus games on four levels!

In addition to having a choice between several teams, you also can change the level of the game that contains bonus games! The first level of the game, Forest Island is the only one available at the beginning, you will have to unlock the others. How are you going to do that? By collecting stones, each island has its stone and the islands are unlocked in the following order: Forest, Swamp, Desert and Volcano. The higher the level, the more stones you will need to open it. And the bonuses are as follows:

Forest Island contains a Boss fight bonus in which you will fight a dragon and have the opportunity to win 20,000 coins, Swamp Island features The Villains wave bonus in which you fight the enemy with a crossbow and have the ability to increase your winnings up to 10 times using a multiplier, Desert Island has a Free battles bonus game that provides you with five free games and up to 1,000 coins per card, Volcano Island is the last island you will unlock if you collect eight stones. This island contains the bonus game Lava stones pick and in it, you choose stones that hide cash prizes that go up to the figure of 17,000 coins!

Battle Mania
Game levels

The game is innovative, especially for the world of online casinos. You will not play on the reels but you will fight against the enemy on four islands and make gains. Music can strengthen your warrior spirit and encourage you to try out each of the teams and bonuses. You have to admit that it seems interesting. All you have to do is go to your favourite online casino and test your warrior skills in the unique online casino game Battle Mania!

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