Before Time Runs Out – an exciting Middle Eastern slot!

The Before Time Runs Out video slot takes us on an exciting journey to the East, where we will attend a duel between a young prince and an evil vizier. Of course, one girl is involved in the story, for whose attention these two heroes are fighting. You will be able to delve into the story, because there are also functions related to it, and they include wilds, free spins, through which you can win a million points, and there is also a bonus game with coins and respins, which brings instant cash winnings. Keep reading this review, learn more about the slot, and then embark on this Middle Eastern adventure at your favorite online casino.

Online casino slot Before Time Runs Out is an exciting game with a fairytale look, accompanied by a fantastic music track with oriental elements. The background of the game is adorned with magnificent castles under the starry sky, and the game board is transparent and contains five columns in four rows. Symbols of different appearance and function appear on the game board, which we divide into basic and special.

Start your journey to the Middle East with the Before Time Runs Out video slot

The first group of symbols includes, above all, copper, silver, and gold coins, as symbols of lower value, and they are joined by more valuable symbols, represented by a sword, vizier, prince, and a girl with purple hair. These symbols should be grouped in combinations of 3-5 of them, horizontally or vertically on the game board, and one row or one column can contain more than one winning combination. Winnings can even match within a single column or row, but only if they are on different paylines. If several combinations are found on one payment line, only the most valuable one will be paid.

Before Time Runs Out
Before Time Runs Out slot layout

The wild, represented by a green gem with the inscription Wild, which appears only in columns 2 and 4, will help in compiling the winning combinations. winning combinations. The Wild cannot replace only the scatter symbol and the symbols of the blue and pink potion.

The duel decides the winner and the game introduces the Wilds for even better winnings

Before we move on to the presentation of the second special symbol of the Before Time Runs Out slot, we will look at the great bonus feature, which appears in both the basic and bonus games with free spins. It is about the Duel feature, which is initiated by the symbols of the prince and the vizier; the prince appears only in columns 1 and 5, and the vizier appears in the other columns, i.e. 2, 3, and 4. The Duel function starts when at least one prince symbol and at least one vizier symbol appear on the columns.

The symbol of the prince has the ability to move in columns and rows, so that he, if he is far from the symbol of the vizier, will retreat in columns until he stands right next to him. In addition to moving around the game board, the prince can leave up to three wilds behind, which will then influence the making of winning combinations in a given spin. Depending on who wins the duel, and the outcome is random, the situation varies:

  • If the prince wins the duel, the two basic symbols are transformed into wilds, and the vizier’s symbol is removed from the board.
  • If the vizier wins, the prince’s symbol is removed from the screen
Before Time Runs Out
Bonus Function – Duel

Duels in one spin continue as long as there are pairs of prince and vizier.

Run up to 50 free spins and win a great prize of one million points

In addition to the bonus function, the Before Time Runs Out video slot also has two bonus games. The first bonus game is triggered by another special symbol, the scatter, represented by a golden box with the inscription Scatter, which appears exclusively in the basic game, in all columns. Scatter is also a paying symbol and can give you winnings for the same 3-5 anywhere on the game board, regardless of paylines. Depending on how many scatter symbols you collect, the number of free spins varies:

  • Three scatter symbols give 10 free spins
  • Four scatter symbols provide 20 free spins
  • Per scatter symbols give 50 free spins

The bonus feature of the Before Time Runs Out duel slot will also take place during free spins, with the proviso that each time the prince wins the duel you get one gem. These gems are collected in an hourglass figure, and when you collect six gems, you win a cash prize worth a million points.

Before Time Runs Out
Bonus function Duel in the bonus game

During the bonus game of the Before Time Runs Out slot, two new symbols appear, bottles with drinks in blue and pink. These are not payment symbols, but in combination with prince symbols they can bring free spins and wilds:

  • Each time the prince symbol crosses the blue potion symbol, he turns into a wild and you get one extra free spin
  • If the prin goes over the pink drink symbol, you get an additional five free spins and this symbol turns into a wild

Pick up instant cash winnings in another bonus coin game

The Before Time Runs Out video slot has another bonus game, which includes lower knowledge symbols, coins. When four or more of these symbols appear on the columns during the basic game, the Coin Respin game begins. At the beginning of the function, all symbols are removed from the columns, except for the coins, which will be a total of nine, scattered in the columns. These coins will be sticky, which means that they will stay in their positions during the game, and then the respin will start. If another coin appears during the first respin, you get another respin and so on until new coins appear.

This bonus time slot game Before Time Runs Out ends when the number of one of the coins is higher than the other two coins. If there is no “winner”, you get another respin, in which the winner will be decided, and the value of the winnings varies depending on which one is:

  • If the bronze coin wins, you get 10 points
  • If the winner is a silver coin, you win 20 points
  • The highest number of points is provided by a gold coin, which will reward you with 50 points
Before Time Runs Out
Bonus game with coins

In addition to these great bonus games and features, the Before Time Runs Out video slot also features a progressive jackpot, which can be won after any spin. The progressiveness of the jackpot indicates that its value increases with each role of each player who plays this game. The charm of the progressive jackpot is that it can be won by any player at any time.

Before Time Runs Out is a really great video slot, with a handful of ways to win. The path to great bonuses can start with duels between the prince and the vizier, when the wilds enter the game and continue in one of all bonus games. In addition to the bonus game with free spins and the possibility of winning a million points, there is also a bonus game with instant cash winnings that are made with the help of coins. Add to that a progressive jackpot, like icing on the cake, and you get one exciting video slot, which you can find in your favorite online casino.

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