Breakout Bob – Fugitive Bob offers dangerous bonuses!

The famous game provider Playtech presents to you the Breakout Bob slot that gives you a unique opportunity to break into a well-guarded prison for a moment, from which a villain is just about to escape! He asks you for help and in return offers a lot of bonuses. If you like the Casino Heist slot that was provided by Expanse studios, then we are sure that you will like the Breakout Bob slot as well. Dive into the fugitive adventure and earn bonuses.

 breakout bob
Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Slot layout

The online casino game Breakout Bob comes with a specific 4 × 4 game board setting, meaning four reels in four rows and six paylines. The slot is set in a prison environment, with a high orange brick fence and an observation post in the background. On the right is Bob, a prisoner who will follow the events on the game board and occasionally jump in to help you, bringing multipliers in the form of bombs!

Breakout Bob throws bombastic multipliers with free spins!
The Bomb Feature is a bonus game that runs randomly, after any spin in the base game. You will notice that it started when Bob gets confused while the reels of the slot are spinning at an unprecedented speed. A bomb with a multiplier of x2 will then fall from the sky into Bob’s hands and you will get 4-6 free spins! As the number of free spins decreases, so the multiplier of x2, over x3, x5, x10, and x15 grows and can reach a maximum value of x25! This feature ends either when you do not make any winnings during 4-6 free spins, or after the first winning spin.

 breakout bob

Breakout Bob, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus, The Bomb Feature

In addition to Bob, some other symbols will appear on the slot screen. These include a policeman, a dog, money and a fox. These are all basic symbols and each of them has a different value. In addition to the basic symbols, Breakout Bob also has special symbols, the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild is the most valuable symbol of this slot and, in addition to cash winnings, it also offers a symbol replacement function. This results to great winnings by increasing the winning combinations.

Win 18 free spins with many Wilds

The Scatter offers a transition to another bonus game. If you collect three or four scatter symbols in the form of a bomb, you will get 12 or 18 free spins.

 breakout bob

Playtech, Online Casino Bonus, Three scatter symbols

During the bonus game, Bob will collect all the Scatter symbols that will appear on the game board. During the last free spin, they will turn the collected symbols into Wilds and expand them all over the game board! Just imagine that gain! You can also get free spins on the bonus game once you collect three or four Scatter symbols.

 breakout bob

Breakout Bob, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
The last spin with the Jokers

Spin the wheel of fortune and get a jackpot. When it appears, you will see that there are sections with the inscriptions of three jackpots, Minor, Major and Grand, but also empty fields. Bob will spin the wheel of fortune, and you hope that one of the three jackpots will become yours! Please note that the value of the Grand Jackpot is 10,000 times greater than your stake! You can follow the jackpot values ​​on the main screen, on the left side of the game board.

breakout bob5

Breakout Bob, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Wheel of Fortune

With a simple interface, interesting animations, three bonus games and great graphics, the Breakout Bob is a real refreshment on the casino scene. This Playtech video slot will drive you away from boredom and provide unprecedented fun. Find this online casino slot in your favorite casino and enjoy its bonuses!

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