Burning Desire – a classic brings good fun!

The love theme enters the world of classic casino slots through the popular provider Microgaming. The name of his new game is Burning Desire, an overview of which we bring to you below, where you will find out:

  • Slot details and how to win
  • It’s all about the symbols of the slot, what they are, what functions they have and how good the payouts are
  • How to get a bonus game with free spins

Burning Desire – a love theme enters the world of casino classics!

Burning Desire is a classic slot, which has five columns in three rows, which appear on a very simple background. Bordeaux background with interesting decorations allows basic and special symbols to stand out on the columns.

The first group of symbols includes primarily the classic card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, which bring payments of the lowest value. These symbols are divided into three groups, and the most valuable among them are K and A, which for five symbols in the winning sequence bring eight times more than your stake.

The next symbol in value is the red rose in flames, which for five copies in the winning streak brings 20 times more money than you invested per spin. At least the symbols are next in payout value, and five of these symbols on the payline bring 30 times more than the stakes.

Burning Desire
Burning Desire slot layout

The golden bell is twice as valuable and brings 60 times more stakes for the five symbols on the payline, and the red Lucky 7 symbol in flames brings 80 times more stakes.

The symbol of the highest value among the basic symbols of the Burning Desire slot is a diamond in flames. Five of these symbols in the payline yield 120 times more money than you bet.

In order for the basic symbols to give you a gain, it is necessary to arrange them from left to right in columns, starting from the first column on the left.

Burning Desire
Burning Desire

So, there are no classic paylines, it is enough to combine three matching symbols in three adjacent columns and you have won.

In addition, it is possible to have only one win per combination in the same spin, which means that the sum of the winnings is only possible when the combinations do not match.

Burning Desire

In addition to the basic symbols, the Burning Desire casino slot also has special symbols, a wild and a scatter.

The wild symbol is represented by a silica heart in flames with the logo of the game Burning Desire over. This symbol appears only in the second and fourth columns and belongs to a special group because it possesses a power that no other symbol possesses.

Just like in other games, the wild is a symbol that can replace all the basic symbols and build winning combinations with them. This means that it cannot replace only another special symbol, the scatter.

Start a bonus game and enjoy free spins

The scatter symbol is represented by a gold coin, and three or more scatter symbols trigger the bonus game. Then you will get 15 free spins during which the multiplier x3 will be valid, which means, of course, three times better payouts.

The great thing is that it is possible to restart the bonus game, ie. win extra free spins. You need to collect at least three scatter symbols again and the additional free spins are yours.

Burning Desire
Bonus game

When you start the free spin feature, the background changes to yellow-orange and a famous song called Burning Desire starts.

For players who like to play with maximum betting, there is a Max Bet button, a shortcut to set the maximum bet per spin. The slot also has an Autoplay mode, which can run a maximum of 100 automatic spins.

We also have something for the impatient – if the rhythm of the game is too slow for you, a lightning button will help you. Clicking this button sets up a more dynamic game, where you can find out the outcome of spins faster.

Now that we have introduced you to the game, presented the values ​​of each symbol, revealed everything about the bonus game and instructed in additional options, you are ready to play. Find the Burning Desire slot at your favorite online casino and enjoy spinning!

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