Captain Candy – sugar casino fever!


Captain Candy is a cute video slot from the GameArt provider that brings delicious fruits and candies that will sweeten your days.

Find out more about the game below, but also:

  • About the details of the slot, how many paylines it owns and how to win
  • All about the symbols – which are, which bring instant payouts, and which trigger bonus games
  • About special double symbols with the ability to transform and spread in columns
  • How to get a bonus game with free spins, where double symbols are even more valuable
  • What is Gamble and how to use it to achieve twice as good winnings

Since the entertainment industry has existed, many superheroes have gone through it, from Captain America to Captain Marvel. However, you have certainly not heard of the next one, and it is time for us to refer you!

In addition to the bonuses he brings in the bonus game and through gambling winnings, this captain also brings a lot of fun! Continue reading this text to learn more about the Captain Candy video slot.

captain candy

The enchanting online casino game Captain Candy is a real slot for gourmets, because it comes in a beautiful, colorful edition.

Starting from the background made up of pink clouds, through the game board covered with delicious toppings, to the captain himself, everything in this video slot exudes life.

Different symbols appear on the game board, which can be divided into two groups. The first group of symbols are the standard card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A.

They are joined by plums, lemons, oranges, strawberries and cherries.

The basic symbols of the Captain Candy slot have their function

The basic symbols of the Captain Candy slot appear in two editions, as one symbol in one field and as double symbols!

These double symbols represent, in fact, pairs of card symbols and fruits. The symbol 10 and plum, J and lemon, Q and orange, K and strawberry and A and cherry are paired.

These double symbols appear exclusively in the third column.

In the basic game, double symbols convert the same card symbols that match that mate into their fruit mates!

What does that mean? Take for example to get a double symbol of the letter J and lemon. This double symbol will turn all J symbols into lemons! What next?

aaaaaa 18

The transformed symbols will expand to the entire column and occupy all three rows!

This function can be expanded to multiple columns and fill multiple rows at the same time forming one mega symbol.

aa 49

The second group of symbols includes the wild and scatter.

The wild is represented by candy bears, and this is a symbol that appears in all columns. It is in charge of changing the basic symbols and building winning combinations. The only symbol that the wild cannot replace is the scatter.

Open a bonus game and win 10 or more free spins

The three lollipops represent a scatter symbol that only appears in columns 1, 3 and 5. Just collect the three scatter symbols and open the bonus game.

During the 10 free spins you win, there is a possibility of winning more free spins up to a maximum of 300!

The Double-Symbols function, which is triggered by the basic symbols, also appears in the bonus game of the Captain Candy slot. However, there is one improvement here.

After the double symbols transform the card symbols into fruits, the other unchanged symbols will be able to expand to entire columns and thus bring much better payouts!

a 54

Gamble winnings and double their value

Captain Candy has another way to make profit – gamble feature!

This is an option that will be available to you after each winning spin in the base game and after the bonus game. All you need to do to participate in this game is to press the Gamble key instead of the Take key after winning.

Now you will find a card facing you and two keys, Red and Black.

You need to guess the color of the hidden card and you will double the winnings!

Gambling can be repeated five times in a row, and will not be available to you if you play using Autoplay mode.

aaa 46

Get ready for the sugar fever that will overwhelm you because of the sweetness of the Captain Candy video slot.

If you are looking for a break from action, horror and apocalyptic slots, you will find it here. The game is quite relaxed, which will be proved by a captain who will constantly encourage you during the game and wave to you cheerfully.

Be prepared for this wave, it will often be, because you expect frequent gains due to the low volatility of the game.

Enjoy the function of transforming symbols, offered by fruits and cards, and free spins brought by delicious lollipops.

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