Cash Printer Heist – an action-themed slot!

The Cash Printer Heist slot comes with a bank robbery theme and is the work of the provider Microgaming. In this online casino game, the win multiplier is increased by +1 per non-winning spin up to x20, and can be increased by +10 in the Respin bonus. The game also has a cash printing bonus that comes with possible upgrades.

In the following text, read all about:

  • Game themes and features
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

The slot Cash Printer Heist is the work of the provider Ino Games in cooperation with the provider Microgaming and represents real refreshment on the slot market. In this game you have a real money printing bonus that will make most players happy.

Cash Printer Heist

So the base game’s multiplier continues to build per non-winning spin, and you’ll be collecting time symbols that expanding the money-printing feature.

The money printer will need maintenance from time to time, which can either increase your payout or completely stop working.

In the Cash Printer Heist slot, the wild symbol can replace other regular symbols and thus help to create better payout potentials.

Two characters, Martin and Lola are also represented by a symbol each, and they trigger one of three features when they land next to a safe door symbol. These are the Cash Multiplier Reset, the Respin Multiplier and the Cash Printer Bonus Round.

The Cash Printer Heist slot comes with tons of bonuses!

You can only land the safe door symbol on the third column, while Lola only lands on the second column. Martin appears only on the fourth column. If you get all three symbols next to each other, you activate two bonus games at the same time.

The cash multiplier starts at x1 and increases by +1 per non-winning spin in the base game. It can go up to x20, and all wins in the base game are boosted by the current win multiplier.

Cash Printer Heist

However, the multiplier resets to x1 after use, and this is also one of the 3 possible outcomes when Lola or Martin land next to the safe door symbol.

In the Cash Printer Heist slot, the Increasing Multiplier Respin feature is another possible outcome when Lola and Martin land next to the safe door.

It gives you one Respin where the win multiplier increases up to +10. After the Bonus Respin, the multiplier returns to the level it was at before the Bonus Respin was triggered.

A special time symbol can also appear in the base game, and it will add up to 5 seconds to the timer seen above the grid.

Collected seconds become relevant and useful only when the cash printing bonus round is activated. The cash printing feature is also one of the 3 possible outcomes of Martin or Lola landing next to the safe door.

This bonus game is played in a vault with a giant cash printer taking center stage.

Play the cash printing bonus!

A randomly assigned speed determines the number of banknotes printed per second. You get 20 seconds added to any seconds you carry over from the base game, and this is how long the money printing bonus will last.

The value of each account is also displayed, as well as your current multiplier. How much you win depends on the value of each bill, times the speed of the printer, times the value of the multiplier.

Cash Printer Heist

The printer can stop at random times, and then you’ll have to fix it by pressing one of the six blue buttons or selecting the “don’t press button” option. Pressing the blue button has one of three outcomes:

  • Printing speed increases by 2x
  • The value of each account increases by 2x
  • The function ends

Choosing not to press any of the 6 blue buttons also comes with three possible outcomes. One outcome is to increase the printing speed by 20 times, the second increases the value of each account by 20 times, and the third outcome completes the function. The bonus round also ends when the timer reaches zero.

Play the Cash Printer Heist slot at your chosen online casino and make a profit.