Cashapillar – an online slot inspired by caterpillars!

If you thought you saw it all at an online casino, we’ll assure you that you didn’t. We will do this by reviewing the video slot Cashapillar from the provider Microgaming. The compound Cashapillar is interesting, precisely because it consists of two words – cash and centipede, in English, of course.

Where else could you see a universe where caterpillars make a profit? And that through the basic game with the elds’ warehouses, which bring six times more valuable winnings in the bonus game, and free spins that can bring you up to 6 million points, which turns into a great bonus. Continue reading this text and discover the rich world of casino caterpillars.

The online casino slot Cashapillar is located in a micro-universe of small insects and tall grasses.

Cashapillar slot layout

Stacked Wilds will help you yo put together winnings in the Cashapillar slot

It consists of five columns in five rows, so a slightly wider edition than we are used to. Symbols of different appearance and function appear on the dark green grid, starting with the basic symbols. They belong to the classic card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, and they are joined by five symbols of different animals, such as bees and snails.

The Wild, represented by the Cashapillar slot logo, will help put together the winning combinations, which should be spread from left to right on the game board.

This is not a completely regular Wild, although it has the function of replacing all the basic symbols on the game board and building winnings with them.

The Wild will appear in this slot in rows of several symbols one after the other in one column, i.e. symbol repositories or complex symbols will appear.

The great thing about the Wilds is that they double the value of the winning combination every time they are part of it. The only symbol that the Wild in the Cashapillar video slot cannot replace is the scatter.

Unlike the wild, who does not provide winnings for its own combinations, the scatter symbol can pay good bonuses with 2-5 of them in combination.

Wild symbols

This is a cake-shaped symbol with the inscription Bonus and it appears in all columns of the slot. When you collect three, four or five scatter symbols, you will start a bonus game and win 15 free spins.

Earn valuable points in a bonus game with free spins

The bonus game brings with it a significant increase in each win, three times higher than the base game.

To make matters better, the Wild will play a special role here, paying six times more than your bet. But that’s not all. Scatter symbols also appear in the bonus game, so it is possible to get additional free spins when you collect at least three scatter symbols again.

Three Scatter symbols

If you like a riskier game, which brings potentially better winnings, you have the Max Bet button on the right side of the game, which is represented by a coin.

When the bet settings menu opens, simply pressing the Max Bet button will set the maximum bet per spin, which can lead you to winning 6 million points in the bonus game.

In addition to this button, the Autoplay and Turbo buttons are also available. The first button, which will help you if you don’t like turning the columns manually, will offer you the option to play up to 100 automatic spins.

As for the Turbo button, it is represented by lightning and pressing it speeds up the game, thus, and you know the spins outcomes faster.

The online casino slot Cashapillar is an unusual casino edition, with solid graphics and cheerful music.

It is approaching the classic slots due to more modest functions, but considering that it has a bonus game, in which it is possible to win 6 million points, we have to write this off.

So, in addition to free spins, there are also wilds that will help you put together winning combinations. Take advantage of this, enter the world of insects and have fun!

Play the Cashapillar slot at your chosen online casino and make good money.


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