Circus Launch – Slot of circus astronauts!

Join the right into the game Circus Launch, by the Playtech Provider. The game is perfectly designed where you will see five astronauts, your task is to choose one and go into action.

The goal of the Circus Launch game is to collect the greatest possible victory before the rocket explodes. To do this, you must place a bet, and then collect the money before the rocket explodes.

There is also an option to select Automatic Collection, which means you can sit and enjoy the action. In the Circus Launch game there are five possible characters that you can choose at the beginning of the game.

These characters do not affect the game, and you have a choice between space chicken, dazzling monkey, breasted pigs, robotic fish and panda warriors.

Circus Launch

During play, you have the option to collect the full victory or half. The collection of half lets you regain part of your bet while continuing with the game.

As we have said, there is also an automatic collection option, which means you can set a specified payment limit. If there is a specific limit you want to reach, then automatic pickup will be the best option.

When the Circus Launch game is played, you will be treated with a choice of five potential characters. Like most other crush games, and this does not contain columns or payments. This game where the astronaut fly is based on cashing before the astronaut collapses.

Circus Launch comes from Playtech Provider!

In Slot Circus Launch All astronauts are anthropomorphic animals that are part of the circus. During the entire slot, lights and colorful graphics will be welcomed.

As mentioned earlier, the astronauts are animals and can be chosen on the left. These characters do not affect the game, but allow some visual differences in the game.

One funny little detail is the fact that these animals are transformed during the collision. For example, the chicken will turn into a fried chicken. When Slot Opens you will see that the game takes place in space.

Circus Launch

There is a floating circus in the Circus Launch game filled with lights, which are in space. This is animated in the basic game, which games revives. There is ambient music in the basic game that includes synthetic sounds paired with bells.

Each of the characters has a unique dialogue, so the developers have devoted great attention to the details. When astronauts fly, you will hear music that creates uncertainty.

Like most other crush games, Slot Circus Launch is all about predicting when the astronaut will collapse. To start the game you need to choose your character, then set a bet.

Exclusive bonuses bring earnings!

Then everything you need to do in the Circus Launch game is to watch Astonaut fly. Automatic collection will mean that the money will be collected at a certain time. If you haven’t chosen this is up to you to take cash whenever one suits you.

Like most crush games, this does not contain volatility. After all, that means choice is up to you. There is also an option for less and more often profits by playing safer and redeem.

However, there is also an option to play riskier for higher gains that reach the bet up to 5,000 times. RTP for this slot is 95.99% below average acceptable level for online slots and is pretty low for a crush game.

Circus Launch

The only drawback in the Circus Launch game is the lack of a chat function or an aspect game live. However, Crush Games Lovers will have a great experience with this slot.

So, Circus Launch is a brave move to the Playtech provider to make an interesting crush game. All in all, the game is fun with exciting moments, because it is not known with certainty when the astronaut will collapse.

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Play Circus Launch on your chosen online casino and make a profit.