Clash of Pirates – a powerful fight for casino bonuses

A clash of giants awaits you in a new video slot! Pirates are fighting against each other to get great casino bonuses! In front of you is another online casino game by Evoplay. The game is called Clash of Pirates and that’s exactly what it represents. It is full of special symbols that will appear during almost every spin, and they can bring you really fantastic rewards. Did you mention that great free spins are waiting for you? All of these are just some of the reasons to play the new casino game Clash of Pirates, and a review of this game awaits you below.

Clash of Pirates is an adventure-themed video slot that has five columns in three rows and 30 fixed paylines. To make any winnings you need to connect three or more identical symbols on the payline. There is one exception to this rule, so a young pirate with a sword is the only symbol that brings a profit and with two symbols in the winning combination. All winning combinations are counted exclusively from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

Only one win can be made on one payline, so if you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be charged the combination of the highest value. The sum of winnings is of course possible but only when they are made on different paylines at the same time.

The remaining amount of money on your user account will always be displayed in the Banalce field, and you can change the amount of your bet by clicking on the plus and minus keys located within the Bet key. Holding down the Spin key for a little longer will activate the Autoplay function. Turbo Spin Mode is available to you and if you like a slightly more dynamic game, we recommend activating it.

Clash of Pirates slot symbols

The next part of the text is reserved for the symbols of the Clash of Pirates slot, and as you are already used to, we will start with the symbols of the lowest payout value. The symbols of the lowest payout value are the classic card symbols: 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. These symbols are divided into two groups according to the payout value, so 9, 10, J, and Q bring 3.8 times more, while K And they pay five times more than the stakes for the five symbols in the winning combination.

The young pirate with the hat is the next symbol in terms of payout value, and these five symbols on the payline will bring you 15 times more than the stakes. The identical payout value is brought by a black-bearded pirate with a hat and a red-bearded pirate. The young pirate with the sword, which you will see when the winning combination is formed, is the most valuable of all the basic symbols. Five or more of these symbols on the payline will bring you 28 times more than the stakes. Don’t miss the chance to make a great win.

Free spins

The scatter symbol is represented by a specific machine with the inscription scatter over it. This is the only symbol that brings payments wherever it is on the columns, whether on the payline or not. Five scatter symbols anywhere on the columns bring you 30 times the value of your stake. Three scatter symbols will activate free spins and you will be rewarded with 10 free spins.

Clash of Pirates
How to get free spins

Scatter symbols do not appear during free spins, so you cannot reactivate free spins from this bonus game.

Clash of Pirates
Clash of Pirates – free spins

Special powers of Abyss symbols

There is another special symbol in this game and that is the Abyss symbol. He appears both during free spins and in the basic game and will appear during almost every spin. If one or more Abyss symbols appear on the columns, the Kraken monster will turn them into an identical symbol. Abyss can be converted to any symbol except scatter symbols.

Clash of Pirates
Transformation of Abyss symbols

The columns of the Clash of Pirates slot are placed on a pirate ship, and the music of this slot contributes to the atmosphere. Around the columns, you will see parts of the Kraken monster everywhere lurking for the opportunity to transform Abyss symbols into one of the basic symbols. The graphics of the game are very good and all the symbols are shown in detail.

Clash of Pirates – fight for great casino bonuses!



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