Clover the Rainbow – an Irish-themed slot!

Get to know Irish folklore in the Clover the Rainbow slot that comes from Relax Gaming provider. A slot in which small leprechauns play the main role will reward you with a bonus of free spins with giant symbols, which can lead you to big winnings.

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The Clover the Rainbow slot setting is on five columns in three rows of symbols and 5 paylines. In this game that is thematically related to Irish folklore, you will see elements that match the theme.

Clover the Rainbow Online Casino Bonus

The background of the game shows a panorama of the Irish village in pale blue and green. The animations are discreet, a huge tree sways in the breeze from which leaves occasionally fall.

You will also see a waterfall that descends into a gently flowing river. There are thin clouds in the sky and a rainbow that can be seen in the distance. It can be concluded that it is the season of autumn and the action takes place after the rain.

When you win a round of free spins, the screen changes to a completely different, but equally attractive landscape.

Meet the symbols in the Clover the Rainbow slot from Relax!

The columns of the slot are semi-transparent with beautifully drawn symbols, with careful details like a ladybug on a clover leaf. The music in the game has a strong Irish influence and a dose of drama.

Symbols that will greet you from the Clover the Rainbow slot columns come in the form of leprechauns, harps, fiddles, 4-leaf clover, horseshoes and other Irish folklore motifs.

At the bottom of the slot is the control panel with all the necessary game keys. Adjust the size of the stakes you want to play, then press the Start button.

It is also recommended that you look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game and the values ​​of each symbol separately.

Clover the Rainbow Online Casino Bonus

Within the Bet field, there are plus and minus keys with which you can adjust the value of your bet. Clicking on the arrow button will activate Turbo Spin Mode after which the game becomes much more dynamic.

In the Balance section, you can see your current balance, while in the Win section you see your current gain.

The game also has an Autoplay option located next to the Start button and allows the game to play automatically. This way you can set up to 1,000 auto spins.

Win bonus free spins!

The most important thing in this game is the free spins bonus that can lead you to big winnings because they come with a special addition in the form of a giant symbol.

To run the bonus free spins in Clover the Rainbow you need to get 3 scatter symbols on columns 1, 3 and 5.

During the bonus free spins, a giant symbol will appear that will be randomly selected for each spin. This symbol will cover 9 positions, columns 2, 3 and 4. All 7 regular symbols can be transformed into a giant symbol.

The Clover the Rainbow slot game is optimized for all devices, so you can also play it via your mobile phone. It also has a demo version that allows you to try the game for free at your online casino.

Look for your dose of luck under the rainbow with the Clover the Rainbow slot that comes with motifs that are thematically related to Ireland. You will see 4 leaf-clover, pots with gold, small leprechauns and all that nicely packed in a top design.

Clover the Rainbow

Slot Clover the Rainbow looks good and is a simple game that will appeal to all types of online casino players. Veterans will enjoy the ease of play, while beginners will find it easy to master the game.

What is very important besides the interesting basic game is that the Clover the Rainbow slot has a bonus round of free spins that comes with giant symbols and can provide you with a good profit.

Play the Clover the Rainbow slot at your chosen online casino and have fun.



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