Colossus Fracpot – the Colosseum brings three jackpots!

Ancient Rome served as the inspiration for a new Colossus Fracpot video slot from the game maker Microgaming. The whole game takes place in the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater ever built. This time, the Colosseum can bring you a jackpot.

Colossus Fracpot

Colossus Fracpot, Online Casino Bonus
Colossus Fracpot

This video slot has five reels in three rows and 20 paylines. You are paid exclusively from left to right. If you have more than one winning combination on a payline, you will get great payouts! If you enter the Paytable option, you can see all the paylines in the photos. You can also view all potential payments there.

The wild symbol is represented by a helmet with the inscription Wild on it, which replaces all symbols except the gold, silver and bronze keys of the Colosseum. It can also create winning combinations with its own and other symbols.

Colossus Fracpot – the keys carry three jackpots!
The game has three jackpots, gold, silver and bronze. Before you open these options and make them available, you must unlock them with the help of keys! Each key opens a special jackpot, through the Fracpot Bonus option. If you get two gold keys in the first or second reel, you will unlock the gold jackpot bonus. The first two reels will stop and you will be offered a certain number. You can accept it and continue playing, or you can choose the gambling option. You can also choose to keep one part of the amount and gamble the other. If you choose the gambling option, you are still in the jackpot game. The first two reels will be locked, and in the remaining three reels you will try to get three more golden keys. If that happens, the jackpot is yours! The same procedure applies to both the silver and bronze keys.

This video slot also has an Autoplay option that you can activate it if you get tired of spinning reels.

Depending on your game strategy, The RTP (return to player) of this video slot can vary between 86.87% and 95.11%!

Colossus Fracpot

Colossus Fracpot, Online Casino Bonus
Online Casino Bonus

Other symbols include the classic card symbols which are the least-paying symbols. The highest-paid among them are the signs K and D. Followed by the helmet and the warrior from the Colosseum. If you get five warriors, you will get 25 times more than you invested. Five Wilds will bring you 50 times more than your stake.

Let the keys to the Colosseum unlock valuable jackpot prizes! Go back to the days of ancient Rome, have fun and earn something! Enjoy with Colossus Fracpot!

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