Crazy Horses – race to an unusual jackpot!

Crazy Horses is not your typical game in the world of casino, it comes from the game manufacturer Expanse and is characterized by its simplicity and ease of play. Although it is an unconventional online casino game, what is constant here is role-playing. But let’s start from the beginning.

What characterises Crazy Horses is the interesting graphics, colorful themes and the simple look of the game. As you enter the game, you will notice six silly horses standing on the athletic track, which is surrounded by a fence. These horses stand around on the racetrack waiting for you to place your bet on one of them. The idea is to guess which horse will reach the finish line first.

Crazy Horses, Expanse, Online Casino Bonus

crazy horses 1
Crazy Horses, Expanse

Each of the horses have their own number of odds. Odds change from top to bottom. The first odds are 70, 36, 18, 3, 10 and 2.

Crazy Horses – set bets, bet and guess the winner

You can bet on one or more horses and set their bets by using the buttons on the board (+/-). After setting the stakes, you can select the horse you want to bet on. There is also an option for an automatic play.

Click the gun symbol to start the race, it is located on the right side.When the horses reach the finish line, the winnings are calculated.

Crazy Horses, Expanse, Online Casino Bonus

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Crazy Horses, Expanse

This game offers a jackpot, the RTP (return to player percentage) is 97% and this is a great reason to play.

Interesting circus music will entertain you as you watch in uncertainty as the horses’ competing and this makes the competition more interesting until one of them reaches the finish line first.

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