Da Vincis Fruits

The Da Vincis Fruits slot comes from the Fazi Interactive provider with a classic theme of popular fruits and wonderful elements of art. As the name of the game suggests, here you will encounter classic art and classic slot motifs based on fruits.

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The game Da Vincis Fruits was created with the cooperation of Fazi and Tip Top providers. This game presents something unexpected in terms of mixing the theme, but there is no denying that the artwork and graphics look great.

Da Vincis Fruits Online Casino Bonus

As for the game, if you are chasing some adrenaline and excitement, then you can skip this slot, but if you are looking for a simple game that you will enjoy then you are in the right place.

Fruit-themed slots are interesting to play and attract all types of players, both veterans and beginners. They are very easy to play and can bring good earnings.

In addition to the fruit theme, the Da Vinci’s Fruits slot also has elements of top art, which you can conclude from the title itself.

The Da Vincis Fruits slot takes you to an irresistible fruity theme!

The setting of the Da Vincis Fruits slot is on five columns in three rows of symbols and 5 paylines. You will see an artistic masterpiece in the background of the game.

The columns of the slot are placed in the middle with a brown background, on which the symbols stand out nicely. You will see a logo at the top of the game while at the bottom of the game command. Color paylines are marked on the left and right sides of the column.

Before you start winning this online casino game, adjust the size of your stakes to the +/- button. When you have placed the desired bet, press the yellow Start button on the right to start the slot columns.

An Auto button is also available, which allows the game to play automatically a number of times. In the middle of the control panel you will see a Cash / Credit window showing the total value.

Da Vincis Fruits Online Casino Bonus

In the “i” option in the lower-left corner of the control panel, you enter information where you can see the value of each symbol separately, the rules of the game as well as other functions.

Meet the symbols in the slot!

Now let’s look at the symbols on the columns of the Da Vincis Fruits slot. To begin with, we must point out that the graphics and design of the symbols are excellently done.

As with most other slots, the symbols are divided into those with a higher and a lower payout value. Symbols of lower value are cherries and lemons with a dose of art on them.

Symbols of medium value are oranges and plums of perfect shape and design. The symbols that have the highest payout value are shown with grapes, watermelon and Mona Lisa.

The symbol of the Mona Lisa has the highest payout value, as does this work of art alone. The Mona Lisa is a famous masterpiece by the Renaissance painter Leonardo Da Vinci. This painting is made with the oil technique on a wooden board.

The Mona Lisa painting is a portrait of Lisa Del Giocondo and is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. This painting is a famous masterpiece, around which many fought, and today it is located behind the armored glass in the Louvre.

Provider Fazi transferred this perfect masterpiece into a slot game by fitting it with classic fruit elements, which turned out to be the right move. Fans of online casinos are also art lovers.

Da Vincis Fruits Online Casino Bonus

The Da Vincis Fruits slot belongs to the newer generation of games and is optimized for all devices. So, you can play this great classic slot game on all devices, both on the desktop, and on the tablet and mobile phone.

It should be noted that the game has a demo version that allows you to try it before investing real money and get acquainted with the gameplay, rules and values ​​of the symbols.

If you want to relax with an art-inspired game with a simple way to play, then the Da Vincis Fruits slot is the right game for you.

Play the Da Vincis Fruits slot at your chosen online casino and make a profit.


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