Deco Diamonds Deluxe – spin the luxury wheel of fortune!

The Deco Diamonds Deluxe video slot is a new edition of Just for the Win studio and was released via the Microgaming platform. It is a combination of old fruit machines and modern vending machines, bringing the best from both worlds. A combination of modern and classic, with the bonus functions of Respin and the point of happiness!

Deco Diamonds Deluxe

The Deco Diamonds Deluxe slot is on five reels in three rows and nine paylines, with highly paid symbols enriched with diamond features that turn the game into a profitable experience. Instead of a simple look, this slot machine offers a modern layout with the appropriate set of accessories.

Deco Diamonds Deluxe

Deco Diamonds Deluxe
Online Casino Bonus

With a special screen and highly paid symbols that pay over 1,000 times more than the stakes, the slot is attractive and without bonuses. However, when you add the bonuses that this game definitely has, you get tremendous potential. To the right of the slot is a control panel with options for setting bets and starting the game.

Deco Diamonds Deluxe – diamonds and fruit trees are generous!
Well-known juicy fruits are spinning on the gilded frames: lemons, watermelons, plums, cherries, but topped with diamonds! In addition to these symbols, there are also symbols of bells, lucky sevens and diamonds. The symbols are placed on a luxurious background and look enchanting. The lucky sevens have a fantastic green background.

Deco Diamonds Deluxe

Deco Diamonds Deluxe
Bonus wheel of fortune

The highest-paid symbol in the diamond slot is the game’s logo, followed by lucky sevens and bells. The design of the slot is beautiful and does not resemble classic slot machines with fruit trees, but is done in the popular Art Deco style. A jazz sound is heard in the background as you spin the reels. What should be especially emphasized is that the Deco Diamonds Deluxe slot has two Wild symbols!

What are the possibilities of the Wild symbol in this diamond video slot? These are the Deco Diamonds Deluxe and Wild Diamonds Deluxe Wild symbols. Both Wilds can form wins on their own, and when you get 2, 3 or 4 Wildcards on the line, you will get one re-spin or an additional Re-Spin! If you get a Wildcard symbol on the repeated spin, you will get an extra spin.

Bonus wheel of fortune!

The wild symbols also enable the Bonus Wheel function! What everyone is interested in is how to get a bonus wheel of fortune! When you get three or more Wild symbols you will start the bonus wheel of fortune function!

There are three points of happiness: silver, gold or diamond! Which one will be activated depends on the number of symbols you get:

  • The silver wheel can assign multipliers x5, x8, x18, x58 and x80!
  • The golden wheel can assign multipliers x8, x18, x58, x98 and x588
  • A diamond wheel can assign multipliers x18, x58, x98, x588 and x1.000!

Deco Diamonds Deluxe

Deco Diamonds Deluxe

This luxury version of the slot has an additional feature that does not exist in the first version of the game. It is a Just for the Boost function that is activated by pressing the diamond located in the left corner of the slot. What happens when this feature is activated? Activating this function increases the player’s stake by 50%. When this function is activated, if the game logo symbol appears outside the set of reels, it will move and cause the reel to move one position, which guarantees that the symbol is in play.

Deco Diamonds Deluxe

 Deco Diamonds Deluxe, Online Casino Bonus

Deco Diamonds Deluxe sounds and looks great and is much improved over the previous version. With a large variance, it becomes even more flexible with the additional Just for the Boost function, because you can get more additional symbols of the game’s logo on the reels. Obtaining these symbols results in payouts of up to 1,000 times the stakes.

The game also has a demo version, so you can try out this diamond video slot before investing real money. It is also available for play on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone.

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