Diamond Link Mighty Emperor – a campaign for bonuses!

The Diamond Link series from the provider Greentube is up to date again, all thanks to the new game Diamond Link Mighty Emperor. This is a great treat for fans of oriental slots, whose review we bring you below, where you will find out:

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it owns and how to win
  • Which symbols bring instant winnings, and which ones trigger functions and games
  • What is the Diamond Link function and how to use it to jackpots
  • All about Wild, Colossal and Sticky Spin features
  • How good are the mysterious symbols

Powerful Diamond Link Mighty Emperor video slot!

The Diamond Link Mighty Emperor video slot features a very simple design, with pagodas and high mountains in the background, which moves us to the Far East. Simplicity continues on the columns with a red background, on which the basic and special symbols appear.

Diamond Link Mighty Emperor
Diamond Link Mighty Emperor slot layout

Thus, on five columns in three rows, within the first group, the classic card symbols A, K and Q will appear, which are joined by the symbols of the ship, pagoda, gold coin, koi-fish and the Yellow Emperor. All the basic symbols will give you payouts for 3-5 of the same from left to right in the columns. The only symbol of the base group that deviates from this rule and provides payouts for both symbols because the Yellow Emperor, which is also the most valuable symbol of the Diamond Link Mighty Emperor slot.

As for the special group of symbols, the first in the series is the wild, represented by fireworks, which also provides payouts for 2-5 copies on the columns. In addition, the wild and other symbols participate in building paylines, replacing them in columns.

Diamond Link Mighty Emperor
A winning combination with a wild

Through diamonds to the famous bonus feature called Diamond Link

The special symbols of the Diamond Link Mighty Emperor slot are joined by blue diamonds, which have no payout values but are in charge of the function from the slot title. So, when you collect at least six of these symbols, you will launch Diamond Link Feature.

In case you collect five diamonds, you will not start the bonus function, but with the help of one respin you will get the opportunity to collect the sixth diamond and start the Diamond Link function.

You may notice a scale above the column containing small blue diamonds; when the scale is filled, the bonus function is triggered. This scale will also help you during the feature because at the beginning you get three free spins, and the scale will count down the end of the function.

Diamond Link Mighty Emperor
Launching the Diamond Link feature

Once the bonus function starts, all the diamonds that started the function turn into pink or gold diamonds.

When more pink diamonds appear in one of the first three free spins, the game continues because the number is reset to three. And so on until you no longer have new diamond symbols, when the function ends.

Additional earning opportunities – three types of wilds and four jackpots

During the Diamond Link function, various diamonds appear, which can bring you instant cash payouts, run bonus functions or help you win one of four jackpots.

Additional earning opportunities within the bonus function are really diverse, ranging from “simple” multipliers. If a diamond stops on the marked field during the function, its payout value will double, which will, of course, be reflected in your payouts.

Diamond Link Mighty Emperor 3
Diamond Link feature triggered

We mentioned yellow diamonds – they are the card for the introduction of bonus functions with wilds, and they are Wild, Sticky and Colossal Spin and they last only one spin:

  • The Wild Spin function guarantees one spin with a random number of wilds on the columns
  • Sticky Spin launches a free spin during which all winning symbols will remain in place while the other squares spin and form with the first symbols of the payline; that means you get respins as long as you make winnings, and the function ends when there are no more wins
Diamond Link Mighty Emperor 3
Sticky Spin
  • Colossal Spin also triggers one free spin during which the middle three columns turn into one big one, with a huge symbol, which brings higher payouts if you link the payline
Diamond Link Mighty Emperor
Colossal Spin

Gold diamonds with jackpots also appear during the bonus function of the Diamond Link Mighty Emperor slot. In case you are lucky and one of the symbols with the jackpot appears you will win the value of the given jackpot.

The value of these jackpots is really impressive, and they force you to invest as much as possible because your winnings depend on your stake. So, you can win:

  • 200 times more than the stakes if you win the Major Jackpot
  • 1,000 times more than the stakes if you win the Grand Jackpot

Unlike other jackpots, you can only win the Grand Jackpot when you fill all 15 fields of the bonus function with diamond symbols. Then you make a profit 1,000 times the stakes.

Lanterns reveal new symbols – use them

During the game, you can also see lantern symbols, which we did not mention earlier. These are mysterious symbols, which hide some of the basic, but also special symbols. In this way, these symbols help to put together paylines, and make better money.

Diamond Link Mighty Emperor
Mysterious symbols

In the end, if this hasn’t been enough so far – the Diamond Link Mighty Emperor video slot also has a gambling bonus that offers twice the winnings. The principle is simple: guess the color of the hidden card and increase the value of the winnings that trigger the gambling option.

Diamond Link Mighty Emperor
Gambling feature

The Diamond Link Mighty Emperor video slot is an extremely interesting slot, with a handful of entertainment options. With casino fun, earnings go best, which this game will also allow you to do. Find it at your favorite online casino and enjoy spinning!

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