Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf – have fun and grab the jackpot

Want to try an online casino game? You can’t decide, you might want to try more than one game at a time. The next casino game we will present to you is just a two-in-one package.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf is a new slot presented to us by the Playtech provider. This game practically contains two games in itself, or at least two modes of the same game: Fire Blaze Golden and Fire Blaze Classic.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf
Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf

Read the next part of the text and discover what else awaits you in the Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf slot. We have divided the overview of this slot into several segments:

  • Basic information
  • Symbols
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Graphics and sound

Basic information

The Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf is a video slot that has five columns in three rows and 40 fixed paylines. To make any winnings you need to connect three or more matching symbols on the payline.

All winning combinations are counted from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

It is possible to achieve one winning combination on one payline. If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value win.

The sum of winnings is of course possible, but only when you make them on several different paylines at the same time.

Within the Total Bet keys there are plus and minus keys within which you can adjust the value of your stake per spin. The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time.

If you want a more dynamic game you can activate Turbo Spin Mode. There are three levels in this game mode.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf slot symbols

Among the symbols of the lowest payout value, you will see the classic card symbols: 10, J, Q, K and A. These symbols are divided into two groups according to the payout value, so K and A are worth slightly more than the remaining symbols.

The bird, moose and leopard are the next symbols on the payout list. They are followed by the bison symbol.

The wild symbol is represented by a wolf’s head. It changes all symbols except scatter and bonus symbols and helps them create winning combinations.

The Wild appears as a complex symbol so it can occupy an entire column or several columns at once. In the basic game, the wild appears on columns two, three, four and five, while in free spins he appears on all columns.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf

Exclusive bonuses

The scatter symbol is represented by a picture of the sound in front of the moon. This is also a symbol of the greatest paying power. Whichever Game Mode you choose, these three symbols bring six free spins.

During the free spins, one 3 × 3 giant symbol will appear on the columns, which will walk through the columns with each spin.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf
Fire Blaze Golden Free Spins

If the scatter symbol appears as a giant symbol you will be rewarded with three additional free spins. Also, if the symbol of the moon or the bell appears on the columns as a giant symbol, you will trigger one of the bonus games.

Symbol payout values ​​vary depending on the game selection. But there are also symbols payouts in the basic game and free spins.

If you select the Fire Blaze Classic Mode game six or more symbols of the month during the basic game activates the bonus game. Then only bonus symbols remain on the columns, which receive a random monetary value.

You have three respins to drop at least one more bonus symbol. If you succeed in that, the number of respins is reset to three.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf
Fire Blaze Classic Respin Bonus

In this respin game, a star symbol appears that carries the value of the Mini, Minor or Major jackpot. You get the grand jackpot when you fill all the places on the columns with the bonus symbol. In this game, the Grand Jackpot is 2,000 times bigger than the stakes.

The six bells on the columns in Fire Blaze Golden Mode activate the respin bonus of the same name. The principle of the game is the same as in the previous one, except that the star symbols do not appear here.

Instead, the bell can carry the value of one of the three jackpots. The grand jackpot in this game is 1,000 times bigger than the stakes. During this game, the bells turn into gold coins with a random monetary value.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf
Fire Blaze Golden Respin Bonus

Graphics and sound

The columns of the Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf slot are set in a mountain surrounded by snow and ice and all you will see around is wildlife.

Music and sound effects will delight you.

Fire Blaze Golden Tundra Wolf – endless fun and jackpot festival!

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