Frontier Fortune – a cowboy-themed casino game

Another cowboy-themed slot arrives at the big door from online casino game provider Habanero. The Frontier Fortune video slot is safe entertainment for fans of the Wild West and wild winnings!

Tame the naughty winnings of this video slot and make a fortune. It is inevitable because it has great payout opportunities that you can achieve in the basic and bonus game. Run free spins and watch as you go to big winnings.

The Frontier Fortune video slot challenges you to tame your winnings!

Observe the symbols characteristic of the Wild West as five columns made of wood. In three rows and with twenty-five paylines, follow the exciting story between the Indians and the cowboys in The Frontier Fortune video slot.

These paylines are fixed, which means that everyone actively participates in each spin, ie. your bet is spread over all twenty-five lines. This is a good thing because it means you will have more opportunities for bigger winnings.

Frontier Fortune
Frontier Fortune slot symbols

It’s time to introduce the symbols of The Frontier Fortune slot. Lower value symbols are represented by objects characteristic of this area.

So, a board with the inscription Saloon, a tent, a sheriff’s badge, drums, bottles of alcohol and crossed axes. These are the symbols that must be at least three in the payline to pay out the winnings. And from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

However, collect the two more valuable symbols of The Frontier Fortune video slot from left to right and you will achieve a winning combination. These symbols appear in the form of a cowboy boot, crossed pistols, a horse and a carriage.

Choose a side in an online casino skirmish!

The Indian chief and the cowboy are the two most valuable symbols of this game. And not according to the payment possibilities, but according to the functions they have. Choose your side wisely because these two symbols can lead you to treasure.

As for the boss, he represents the wild of the online casino slot Frontier Fortune and has the power to replace all regular symbols.

This means that he cannot replace only the scatter symbol on the columns. When participating in a winning combination, this symbol will give away bigger winnings, and can provide a payout for just one symbol.

In addition, this is the symbol that gives the biggest payouts if you collect the same five on the columns of this cowboy-themed slot. It will increase your balance by 5,000 coins

It’s time to introduce the cowboy symbol. This is the scatter symbol of The Frontier Fortune slot and it is in charge of introducing you to the bonus game!

Unlike most video slots, in this one scatter symbols behave the same as regular symbols. What does it mean? This means that it is not enough for them to appear anywhere on the columns to secure a win or enter the bonus game, but they must appear from left to right.

Match a minimum of two scatter symbols and you will win at least four free spins in The Frontier Fortune slot.

Frontier Fortune
Two scatter symbols in the last row

Collect cowboys and win up to 20 free spins

When you manage to open the bonus game of free spins in The Frontier Fortune slot, you will have the opportunity to win up to 20 bonus free spins. And how is that? Well, when a cowboy shows up on the columns, it means you’ve won four free spins.

Collect five cowboys and you will open a bonus game with the maximum number of free spins, which is 20 bonus free spins in this slot.

In addition, the Indian symbol will appear randomly on the columns during the game, thus helping you to make better winnings.

Frontier Fortune
Wilds in the bonus game

The clash in the Wild West is in full swing. Hat on your head, finger on the trigger and spin! Let the rattle of the spurs take you far to the West where you will have the opportunity to win free spins that will fill your pockets!

If you are a fan of cowboy themes, we present Showdown Saloon, a video slot that brings the Wild West to peaceful places.

Play The Frontier Fortune video slot at your chosen online casino and make good money thanks to exclusive bonuses.



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