Funky Monkey Jackpot – A fun casino slot!

Funky Monkey Jackpot slot is an old-school game of jackpot games made by Playtech. This game gives prizes and jackpots to players who are lucky enough to put together the right winning combination, and is a sequel to the original Funky Monkey slot, with the addition of a progressive jackpot.

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  • Bonus games

funky monkey jackpot

The Funky Monkey Jackpot video slot, as the name suggests, is a “funky” slot machine with cheerful colors, and the game is located in a slot machine with a handle on the right side.

While playing this online casino game you have the feeling of sitting in a salon in Las Vegas and running the game live. His main mascot is a bearded chimpanzee in a purple tracksuit with sunglasses.

The sounds and the entire presentation of the game pay homage to the old slot machines in casino salons, only there is a bit more “funky” style here.

Funky Monkey Jackpot slot in the style of old-school slot machines!

The Funky Monkey Jackpot slot has the look of a single-lever machine, as has long been used in land-based casinos, and arouses nostalgia in gamers.

The slot’s mechanics are simple, with three columns and one payline and three rows of symbols. The symbols in the middle row represent the winning symbols because this is where the payline connects.

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Funky Monkey Jackpot is for all types of players, veterans will awaken nostalgia, but new players will like the easy way of handling it.

Since this is a newer casino game, it is available on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone.

Win a progressive jackpot in the Funky Monkey Jackpot slot!

The Funky Monkey Jackpot slot gives you just one active payline you can bet on and one row of symbols.

The symbol payment table is located in the upper right corner. At the bottom of the game are the Bet keys to place a bet, and the Spin keys to start the game.

Also, there is an Autoplay button that is used to automatically play the game a certain number of times. You can also turn on Turbo mode to speed up the game.

It is also recommended that you look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game and the values ​​of each symbol separately.

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The Funky Monkey Jackpot slot is a medium to high volatility casino game with a theoretical RTP of 96.95%, which makes it very tempting for players. It is known that the RTP for slots is around 96%, so here the percentage of return to the player is above average.

The maximum coin size is five credits. If you decide to bet three coins per line, the maximum bet will end up costing you 15 credits.

The Funky Monkey Jackpot slot comes with themed symbols, and when you collect three monkey symbols on the slot columns, you get 5,000 times more than the stakes.

Other valuable symbols are tiki drums, bananas and beach huts. Lower value symbols are represented by BAR symbols.

This slot game does not include bonus free spins or other bonus games, but it does include a progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot can be won at random after any spin, but you must play with the maximum bet. Take your chance to play this online casino game and win the jackpot.

The slot also has a demo version, so you can try it for free at your favorite online casino. If you like jackpot slots, check out the reviews of our games in the jackpot game section.

Old-school slots are very tempting for all types of online casino players. Newer generations of players get to know traditional games, while veterans enjoy reminiscences of the old days.

The Funky Monkey Jackpot slot is a game reminiscent of slot machines in country casinos with innovative elements and modern graphics. The most tempting thing about this online casino game is the ability to win a progressive jackpot.

With a little effort and a little more luck, maybe you will win a valuable jackpot amount, so take the chance and play the Funky Monkey Jackpot slot at your chosen online casino.



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