Gem Blast – an online casino slot with worth gems!

It’s time to start collecting glittering gems in the space ambiance of the Gem Blast video slot, which comes from the casino game manufacturer Endorphina. The graphics of the slot are incredibly well done and come with a series of glittering gems, enriched with a wild symbol, which helps you form better payout potentials. The great thing is that the wild symbol has the power to expand, but also to trigger the Respin bonus. What is also exciting is the game of gambling, where you have a chance to double your winnings.

The Gem Blast slot setup is on five columns in three rows and 10 paylines, with an exclusive mini gambling bonus game. Theoretically, the RTP of the game is 96%, which is in line with the average for slots. Also, the game has a demo version, so it is recommended that you try it for free at your chosen online casino.

Gem Blast
Gem Blast

This is a modern age game, which means that it uses the latest technology, so you can play it on all devices. If you are at home, feel free to play the Gem Blast slot on a desktop computer, and if you are somewhere in nature, you can also enjoy the game via your tablet or mobile phone.

The Gem Blast video slot takes you into collecting gems!

To form a winning combination with the Gem Blast slot, you need a minimum of three identical symbols on the payline. As for the symbols, you have a range of gems in different colors and shapes. You will see purple triangles, blue rectangles, emeralds, orange gems and many others.

In addition to the symbol of glittering gems, the slot also has the symbol of the lucky number seven, which has the highest payout value, as well as the BAR symbol.

In the end, you will be delighted by the symbol of a diamond star with a gold frame, because it is a wild symbol. The wild symbol appears on the columns of slots 2, 3 and 4 and has the power to expand, but it also has another special role.

Namely, the wild symbol when it appears, in addition to spreading over the entire column, thus providing better payout potentials, it also activates the Respin bonus. The maximum number of respins you can get at once is three.

Gem Blast
Bonus Respin

Before you start collecting glittering gems, you need to adjust the size of the coins, as well as the number of paylines, and the commands for that are at the bottom of the game. Then, in the Bet section, you will be shown your total bet you are playing with.

If you want to speed up the game just press the Turbo button which is also at the bottom of the game. The Autoplay button is also available, which is used to automatically rotate the columns a certain number of times. At the top of the game is an information section, where you can see how much each symbol has. Also, there are the rules of the game, so feel free to read them before you start collecting gems.

Gem Blast
Online Casino Bonus

We have already said that the Gem Blast slot has a bonus game Respin, which can provide you with good payouts, but there is also a gambling game, ie a risk game, which allows you to double your winnings. Here’s how the gambling game works. After any winning combination, you will see a red card button on the control panel, which when pressed allows you to enter the game of gambling.

Win a Respin bonus and enjoy a game of gambling in the Gem Blast slot!

You will then see four closed cards and one open card on the screen. You need to press one of the cards, which are closed and if it is better than the open card, your winnings will double. Otherwise, an open card is a dealer card. So, in a gambling game, you compete against dealers.

Gem Blast
Gambling Bonus

The best card you can get in a gambling game is a joker, and the dealer can’t get one. Another piece of information you need to know is that if you open a card that is equal to the dealer’s card, the result is a draw and you need to open the card again.

A game of gambling can be played 10 times in a row, which can double the winnings each time and lead to a big win, but be careful because if the dealer gets a better card, you lose everything won so far.

Enjoy collecting gems in the Gem Blast video slot with the exclusive bonus game Respin and gambling. The graphics and design of the symbols are flawless, and the joker leads you to big wins in this great online casino game, provided by Endorphin.


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