Genius of Leonardo – an encounter with da Vinci’s inventions

The new casino game we will present to you comes with a large number of inventions of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. You’ve heard about the Mona Lisa a long time ago, but did you know that Leonardo made the first flying machine?

You will get to know everything in the casino game Genius of Leonardo, which is presented to us by the EGT provider. You will have the opportunity to win 50 free spins. In addition, you will enjoy a jackpot party that can bring you great winnings.

genius of leonardo

You will only find out what else awaits you in this game if you read the continuation of the text, which is followed by a review of the Genius of Leonardo slot. We have divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic characteristics
  • Genius of Leonardo slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sounds


Basic characteristics

Genius of Leonardo is a video slot that has five columns arranged in three rows and 30 paylines. Paylines are active so you can set the game version to one, five, 10, 20 or 30 paylines.

To make any winnings you need to connect three or more matching symbols on the payline. All winning combinations, except those with the scatter symbol, are counted from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

You can make one win on one payline. If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination.

The sum of winnings is possible if you make them on several paylines at the same time.

Clicking on the dark blue button in the lower-left corner below the column will open a menu where you can adjust the value of the stakes per credit.

To the right of this button are the fields with possible values ​​of bets per spin. You start the game by clicking on one of them.

The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time.

Genius of Leonardo slot symbols

Among the symbols of the lowest payout value in the slot Genius of Leonardo, you will see the classic card symbols – 10, J, Q, K and A. They are divided into two groups according to payout power, so K and A bring slightly higher payouts than the rest.

The moving car and the flying spiral are the next symbols in terms of paying power. Five of these symbols in the winning combination will bring you 13.33 times more than the stakes.

A flying machine and a ship follow. If you combine these five symbols in a winning combination, you will win 20 times more than your stake.

Armored cars have the greatest value among the basic symbols. If you connect these five symbols in the winning combination, you will win 26.66 times more than the stakes.

The Wild symbol is represented by a Vitruvian man. It changes all the symbols of the game, except the scatter, and helps them create winning combinations.

In addition, this is a symbol of the greatest paying power. Five wild symbols in the winning combination will bring you 33.3 times more than your stake.

Whenever the wild is found in the winning combination as a substitute symbol it will expand to the entire column.

dzoker 22

Bonus games

The scatter symbol is in the shape of the Mona Lisa. It appears in the second, third and fourth columns.

These three symbols will bring you free spins. But before the free spins start, only Mona Lisa symbols that carry a certain number of credits will be found on the columns. Depending on how many credits you win, you will receive from five to 50 free spins.

The selection ends when you encounter the Play Free Spins icon.

spinovi 15

There is a gambling bonus at your disposal with which you can double each win. It’s a classic black/red gambling game.

Genius of Leonardo has four progressive jackpots that are represented by card symbols – spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs.

kocka 20

The jackpot game starts randomly. After that, there will be 12 cards in front of you and your task is to find three cards of the same sign. If you succeed, you win the jackpot represented by that sign.

Graphics and sounds

The columns of the Genius of Leonardo slot are set in beautiful nature. The sound effects will evoke the period of renaissance.

The graphics are great and all the symbols are displayed down to the smallest detail.